Vertical balcony gardens are inexpensive and effective screening

by Kremy

Wooden patio furniture plants for balcony as privacy fence

Vertical balcony gardens look great and that’s a fact. Green walls can be used as an effective privacy fence. From a small garden with herbs, green wall with vegetables, to great botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Vertical balcony gardens – privacy fence ideas with plants

Green wall ideas windshield terrace


Vertical balcony gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living and sustainable living philosophy. Plants provide the necessary shading and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the relaxation effect, they improve the urban micro climate. The green privacy screen also serves as a wind protection.

Vertical balcony gardens provide a more intimate environment

vertical balcony gardens wind protection

Vertical balcony gardens and green walls are suitable for the terrace, as well as for patios or as a space divider. The green wall should, of course, conform to the taste of the owner and fit to the style of home. One would rather like a quiet oasis with flowering plants, another would love climbing plants. On a small and limited space, which is the case in the balcony, the room should be used as efficiently as possible. By cultivating an upright garden you can optimize the space.

Green wall for a nature experience on the balcony

vertical balcony garden terrace protective windscreen

A green wall is the perfect privacy protection and wind protection. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed comfortable atmosphere in the fresh air. These offer good protection against drafts and wind.

rooftop balcony gardening terrace vertical green wall


The most suitable place for a vertical garden is any free space on the wall. When creating such a garden the correct selection of plants is very important as the plants should be chosen with attention to their growing needs. It is advisable to choose plants that require similar conditions. Which plants are suitable for an upward garden on the balcony? There are a few plants that are suitable for vertical gardening – a number of vegetables and fruits, herbs and flowers – beans and peas, all kinds of herbs, succulent plants, and flowering plants that you like.

Privacy screen ideas – feel closer to nature

 ideas Vertical Gardens

The natural fence has excellent visual qualities

Vertical gardens greening as fence

A living wall – enjoy light and shadow change

vertical gardens plant protection

Green walls improve air quality

Vertical gardens fence

Urban gardens – a green lung in the city

rooftop terrace

Living garden screen for more privacy

Terrace planting windscreen

Green screens are ideal for the intimate design of the balconies and terraces

view protection windscreen

 Green wall for rooftop privacy

rooftop flower pots wooden deck

 Ideas for privacy screen -upward gardens and green walls

terrace privacy green walls

Privacy for the backyard with vegetation covered trellis

privacy fence

Balcony railing screening fence

 privacy protection

 Build solar protection and a privacy screen

climbing plants

 Urban gardens – green wall

Privacy green wall terrace



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