18 creative garden ideas for used furniture as garden decorations

by Kremy

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When you want to have a good rest in the open air, to feel really comfortable and enjoy the peace and quiet, you’ll need comfortable furniture for the garden. You can buy new outdoor furniture, but do not hurry to throw out the old pieces! Use your imagination and with just a little effort, some of the old things can become interesting decorative elements for the garden. Recycling old or broken things and used furniture is a green way to cope with the disorder and to design creative garden ideas through unique decorative accents. Used chairs and benches or furniture made ​​of metal and plastic can be used again, it is good for the environment and saves money. Let’s take a look at the original garden furniture and the original ideas for garden decor and see which one you will find suitable for your own garden.

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Creative design ideas for the front yard or backyard are easy and inexpensive if you make your own projects that preserve personal memories. Creative garden ideas like these will present how to use the old chairs and benches, and design beautiful art pieces. They would be the garden highlights and all the neighbors would be green with envy.

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Creative garden ideas, simple decorations, wooden furniture and planters with flowers create a charming atmosphere and an amazing eye-catcher in your home. Old chairs and benches with plants and flowers look beautiful and sentimental. Unusual containers made ​​of tin cans and buckets, old tires, and tea kettles make the garden more interesting and impressive.

creative landscaping bed greening bedroom look

Old chairs and benches, even beds, cars and pianos, combined with unusual flower containers are a simple, affordable and very attractive way to decorate your front yard and back yard. A wrought iron bed frame is another exciting idea if you wrap the metal with colorful delicate climbing plants.

garden hedge bed lawn

Used wood or metal chairs, benches and consoles can be easily found at flea markets. You can decorate with plants and flowers, creating unique and pleasing designs.

tea kettle as planters

Old furniture, decorated with plants and flowers looks so charming that it would change your garden immediately. Paint your old wooden furniture in bright colors and use it as unusual plant containers. This would enhance the effect and draw attention to them.

old chair blue paint planter

Here are 18 beautiful creative ideas that would help you to decorate your garden. Be inspired and take all the old stuff from the basement!

haircut stone figures

sofa from stone slabs

old bike used as flower basket

flowerpot miniature garden design

old garden bench flower container

old armchair greening highlight backyard decoration

diy benches for garden

 garden hose fence decoration

old vehicle plants

exterior decoration

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