Painting stripes on the wall – tips and ideas

by Kremy

colorful striped walls ideas living room

Painting wall patterns of different stripes on the wall add a clean, crisp look to any living room. But can you hesitate how to decorated a room – with a vertical or horizontal stripes. it is not always easy to decide whether to use two colors or more than two – there are many options.

Stripes on the wall in two subtle tones

beige stripes on the wall


If you like the idea of stripes on the wall, but you’re worried that they may dominate in the room, choose a subtle two-tone effect. Start with a color of your choice and select a second, which is of the same hue, but slightly lighter or darker.

Stripes on the wall – Strong and contrasting

red white vertical stripes on the wall dining area white dining table

To create a really dramatic look in your room, choose stripes on the wall with two strongly contrasting colors. This look usually works best in large rooms and it may not be suitable for a smaller space. Black and white is strong, but you can pair dark and light shadows. Red and white stripes can be ideal for a child’s room with a circus theme, while blue and yellow are an attractive combination if you want to give the room a beach atmosphere. Play with different color combinations.

Floral pattern

Stripes on the wall paint tips ideas

You may have heard that stripes and floral patterns are not to be combined. This is not necessarily the case. Be bold, and mix the two. Place a sofa with floral pattern in the same room with the stripes or simply throw several floral pillows on your sofa and chairs. The most important thing is that they should be in harmony with the colors of your striped walls.

Vertical and Horizontal

Stripes on the wall lounge purple


If you wander what type of wall stripes to choose, the options are between a vertical or horizontal pattern. However, for a funky, modern look, mix the two. You can use striped wallpaper in two rooms and easy to place the paper in a different direction with both types of strips. Combination of vertical and horizontal stripes creates a dramatic contrast that works well with modern decor.

Horizontal stripes in brown and beige

wall stripes beige home interior

Green stripes in the bedroom

wall stripes green bedroom

Beige and light purple stripes in the living room

purple light brown living room

Black, white and yellow

wall stripes black yellow

White and red stripes on the wall and sofa cover

red white living room

Subtle colors in the bedroom

wall stripes subtle colors bedroom

Black and white

black white horizontal wall

Orange stripes on the wall and sofa

stripes on the wall same pattern sofa

Colorful stripes in the dining area

colorful vertical

wall design red stripes on the wall

vertical colorful stripes on the wall

painting wall stripes nursery room

gray wall baby room

baby pink silver horizontal stripes decoration ideas grey pink

dark wall stripes office design

marine theme dark blue white stripes on the wall blue sofa

black white horizontal stripes dining room black table

sunny yellow stripes on the wall reading corner

 yellow gray combination

 light blue gray dining room wall art





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