47 inspiring kitchen renovation ideas and tips on modern and new look

by Kremy

white kitchen furniture design big island stainless steel hood

An outdated old kitchen can be boring and inconvenient. Besides the look, functionality is of great significance.  We have collected 47 inspiring kitchen renovation ideas with sleek design and will give you useful tips on how you can spice up your old kitchen and transform it into a modern and convenient space.


small kitchen design modern look handleless drawers


People often have little experience and it takes time to realize that the kitchen was not optimally planned. Fortunately, nowadays the kitchen modules give the opportunity to easily rearrange the design. People who are not sure of their own expertise can leave space planning to the experts. After all,   the creation of a project is much more affordable compared to buying a completely new kitchen. If you are planning a major refurbishment, consult specialists about electricity, plumbing and see how your idea of a modern kitchen can be achieved. These kitchen renovation ideas may guide you and clear your vision for your dream kitchen.


kitchen remodelling wooden cabinets white island

Sometimes it takes as little as changing the cabinet fronts and your local carpenter will be able to do that. Kitchen renovation plans will come helpful if you want an organized, clutter-free space. The wooden doors can be sanded and repainted. The minimalist look is very much in trend. The kitchen cabinet doors can be covered with foil with a wood finish which will give your interior an exclusive look. Our tip – keep to simple natural colors and clean lines if you want to give your kitchen a luxurious and modern appearance.

 white island stone wall concrete floor kitchen renovation design ideas

white kitchen design kitchen cabinets open plan living area

small kitchen renovation ideas modern wooden tiles white

small white kitchen design island renovation ideas

Kitchen renovation ideas blackboard wall panel white kitchen cabinets

Small kitchen renovation ideas device modules white fronts

black white kitchen handle free cabinets minimalist design

ideas wooden bar cabinet doors white counter

small apartment kitchen dining area cupboards

small apartment black white kitchen

kitchen renovation ideas yellow wall modules space organizing

 white yellow cabinets chic minimalist look

Modern white furniture laminate flooring metal hood

white island modern furniture black chairs

modern small island stylish hood

 renovation modern design open plan dining area

modern small dining island neutral beige color

modern new tips blue dining island

modern new design minimalist look kitchen cabinets

 island recessed lighting metal chairs

modern kitchen furniture yellow color oak wood cabinets

modern wooden front kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen built in Led light wooden kitchen cabinets island dining table

Kitchen renovation ideas white cabinets glass backsplash

modern brown orange countertop

 black cabinet system kitchen renovation ideas

minimalist white cabinets modern wooden countertop

minimalist renovation ideas dark gray cabinets

marble island modern

Luxury cost effective recycled wood furniture

 cabinets handleless drawer system

large white ideas island

wooden cabinet fronts concrete floor ceiling design

 wooden cabinets yellow dining chairs

 original backsplash tiles blue color

 renovation ideas glossy cabinet fronts adhesive foil decorating tips

 living room open plan cabinets storage space

 black wood counter

wooden cupboards attractive kitchen

 cabinets island wood bar modern look

industrial style red color modern design tips

modern ideas wood stainless steel hood

small open floor plan

 modern black white counter storage books




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