How to get the best of natural light in your dark kitchen

by Kremy

kitchen roof top extra natural light

Despite the fact what kind of kitchen you have, large and comfortable one or a small dark room, it will be a good idea to get the best of natural light in your dark kitchen. The more sun you have, the better you will feel when cooking, having your meal or entertaining friends and family while preparing your meals. You can let the natural rays into your cooking space by adding an extra window or by opening the space to an adjacent room.

using light shade painted kitchen cabinets


If you want to keep the costs at a low level and to bring more natural light in your dark kitchen, you may start with a simple painting. Use light color shades for the walls and cabinets or install some additional fixtures. You can play with light and have various styles for the different activities. For example, some extra light over your countertops will help you while cooking and an ambient light over the table will bring a completely different atmosphere to the whole room.

natural light in your dark kitchen accent glass cabinet doors

Letting more natural light in your darker kitchen may be as simple as changing your cabinet doors with glass ones. This will save you the effort to go into structural changes by pushing a wall down or adding an extra window. You may also consider using double-sided cabinets to separate the cooking and dining room in the cooking zone.

kitchen window curtain flower pattern

We often lose light because of the heavy, dark curtains we use driven by the desire to achieve privacy. If privacy is not of such essential importance to you, you might want to get rid of all drapery and let the sun and the view in. Allow yourself to enjoy natural light while cooking or loading the dishwasher.

If you are already used to having a drapery and do not feel like losing it you may think about a different style or different fabrics. Going for natural cotton or linen will always be a good idea.

natural light in your dark kitchen french doors island wood floor

You can always meet with an architect and a designer to get some ideas of what and how to do in order to bring more natural light into your kitchen. Remodeling your space may be achieved by adding rooftop windows, or replacing your old door with new French ones. Solar tubes would be an excellent idea too if you want to be cost effective and yet bring more sun through the attic or the roof above your kitchen.

accent light white cabinets white kitchen island

bright colors additional kitchen light

color kitchen cabinets extra light pendants olivegreen

clever use kitchen curtain window style light color

accent pendant lighting color backsplash yellow dark

 island accent natural light

dark wood cabinets heavy tones

natural light accent pendant over table white countertop

natural light rooftop windows accent lights island area


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