Pepe Heykoop’s leather furniture collection – A new life to old items

Written by Kremena Ruseva

pepe heykoop leather furniture collection standing lamps

How design can revive old objects and give new life to old items? How leather scraps can be creatively used to add both colour and a different and exciting appearance to the items we use? Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop gives an answer to these questions with his new leather furniture collection.

The bold and cutting edge leather furniture collection


pepe heykoop leather furnature collection desk lamp red

The leather furniture collection of Pepe Heykoop, which was named “Skin Collection”, gives a new perspective to interior design. It was inspired and provoked by the percentage of waste in the furniture industry. The percentage goes as far as 25-30 % and Pepe Heykoop, not only brings new vision to waste materials, but recycles old units into interesting and provocative interior accents. Having a different look on the harmful production leftovers the designer accents on cell growth in nature by piecing together the scraps and converting them into natural and organic pieces in soft colors.

The bold looking leather furniture collection

pepe heykoop leather furniture collection white chairs

Each item in the leather furniture collection has its own unique look and is creatively constructed to different shapes and forms. The pieces of the material are sewed together in order to create an alternative and innovative look to daily objects.

The Author

pepe heykoop skin collection design studio

Designer Pepe Heykoop graduated the University of Technology in Eindhoven and his work is mainly aimed at creating new ways to use leather and this brought to the birth of the Skin series.

 Red Skin reading lamp

pepe heykoop leather furniture collection red lamp detail

 Yellow back chair

pepe heykoop skin collection yellow back chair

 Yellow back chair side view

pepe heykoop skin collection yellow back chair

 Reading chair

pepe heykoop reading chair with light

 Lamp in grey and blue

pepe heykoop lamp blue

 Lamp in grey and blue detail

leather furniture blue and gray lamp detail

 A couple of chairs

pepe heykoop chair

  A couple of chairs detail

pair of chairs close

Mannequin lamp

pepe heykoop manequin lamp from skin






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