Create a five star hotel feeling in your own luxury master bedroom

by Kremy

luxury master bedroom light sources accents

Luxury master bedrooms are a dream to most people. We usually see them beautifully photographed in lifestyle magazines or on TV and few of us give more thought for the ways to achieve the glamorous sleek atmosphere of a five star room. Perhaps you have never had the chance to stay in a high class hotel and enjoy the elegance and the feeling of complete relax. However, achieving an atmosphere of careless richness is possible by using some creativity.

 Our luxury master bedroom needs to meet a few criteria

master bedroom built in wardrobes little accesories


Clean lines and modern bedroom decoration. One thing we should not forget is that the bedroom is a place to rest. A luxury master bedroom has to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Make sure you do not fill the room with lots of decorations. You wouldn’t need more that just a few accents to create the desired feeling of comfort and the luxury look. If you choose some elegant bed toppers, accent armchairs or even an exotic carpet, these elements would be enough to make you feel good. After all, if you want to really rest your eyes, do not make them dart from one item to another.

 Converting defects into a luxury master bedroom effects

rural master bedroom art wall

Look around your bedroom and think how you can create unique details and add a personal touch. With a few splashes of colour you can make smaller spaces look bigger. Instead of being irritated by an ugly view boldly use a mirror that would reflect a nice piece of art. You can have the feeling of a luxury master bedroom by clever use of lights and see for yourself the difference that a beautiful chandelier brings to a room.

Comfort. For your dream room choose your favourite colours for bedroom accessories, decorative pillows, drapery, elegant bedding, etc. Remember that this is your retreat from the daily stress and worries. Fabrics are essential, so treat yourselves with a high quality bed linen.

Accent ceiling and magnificent drapes

master bedroom accent drapery ceiling

 French doors

open french doors master bedroom


 Using light for atmosphere luxury master bedroom accent lighting

 Wall art and blue pillows accents clean lines design

 Modern urban clean lines style

modern comfortable design

 Wall effect accented by light

design beautiful light

Contemporary style

luxury contemporary design

 Orange colour accents

chic bedroom design idea

 Elegance in beige

beige shades elegance

 Fireplace and armchair add to luxury atmosphere

accent ceiling wood

design in purple and white room idea purple white




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