Duvet covers – luxury bedding sets for a glamorous look in the bedroom

by Kremy

Luxury bedding sets red gold duvet set bedroom decorating ideas

Duvet covers add a sophisticated and luxurious finish to any bedroom. A luxury duvet cover combines elegant design with luxurious fabrics. Who doesn’t want to rest in a beautiful bedroom with elegant furniture? We have selected 25 ideas to help you get an idea how a breathtaking bedroom can look like.

satin gray beige luxury duvet cover set stylish bedroom design ideas


There is no doubt that elegant furniture is not the only way to decorate your bedroom. It is the details, fabrics, textures that add depth, individuality and a feeling of comfort. You can transform your ordinary bedroom and convert it into something extraordinary with duvets. It is an important issue and the right duvet covers will be the accent in the bedroom decor. When you buy luxury duvets you need to know what effect you want to achieve. Do you want to add a dramatic element or you want to create an atmosphere of refined luxury and elegance? Colors will help you to change the appearance of your bedroom. Soft golden colors look especially elegant. Dark gray or black luxury duvets look dramatic and are an immediate eye catcher. Deep red will turn the bed into the focal point of the bedroom while subtle hues will look soothing and inviting.

luxury bedroom duvet covers satin side tables chandelier

When choosing your luxury duvet covers the material is of greatest significance. Look for high-end materials like silk and satin. Satin covers look absolutely stunning on a bed and the look and feel of the fabric is perfect. Satin has a dazzling and shiny appearance that adds a look of class and sophistication to your room. Silk covers for duvets add a touch of tenderness and the advantage of natural silk is the softness. In addition silk is durable and hypoallergenic. Another great choice for fabric is the velvet or high quality cotton. These are not as shiny as satin, but still many people prefer them for the quality and the feeling of intimacy which they create.

White grey bed duvet cover grey headboard white table

When choosing the color for your covers it has to harmonize with the interior. This means that the color has to either blend with the rest of the colors or contrast to them. Clean, straight lines are suitable for modern interiors and experts advise to choose no more than two contrasting patterns. Another good tip is to choose timeless color combinations which you can use for years and they will never go out of fashion. For example, white and brown creates a serene mood and can be used in a traditional and contemporary interior.

black ruffle duvet cover grey headboard fur rug contemporary luxury bedding duvets

what is duvet cover set luxury bedding duvet sets

luxury duvet set pastel colors trendy bedding duvet covers

poster bed bedding duvet covers white silver

glamorous luxury duvet cover set brown shades ideas

luxury duvet cover set white bedding set decoration ideas

Luxury duvet covers silver beige elegant bedroom design

luxury duvet covers luxury bedding sets bedroom design

Elegant duvet cover silver luxury duvet dark wall wood side table

luxury duvet cover set elegant bedroom bedding set

Luxury comforter sets light tan satin cover

bedding set elegant subtle purple shades design ideas

bedding covers white beige sylish bedroom design

bedding cover sets gold beige color white cabinet

bedding covers black luxury bedroom design

cover king elegant bedding sets bedroom design

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contemporary bedding dmodern bedroom design ideas

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