Clothes rack – find a home for your clothes

by Kremy

rolling clothes rack design shoe shelf clothing organizers

Clothes rack is the savior for everyone who has struggled with a lack of closet space. At one point or another, most of us have had this problem – either in a dorm, or in a tiny apartment, or simply because you do not like cramming clothes and love being organized. Keeping a good order does not necessarily require an enormous walk in closet. Storing your garments can be easy and the trick is a garment rack.

Transform your wardrobe and save space

bedroom furniture clothes organizers floor to ceiling clothes


Clothes racks are practical, functional and would ease your life. They are no longer just a commercial store equipment. Many clothes racks have additional elements like shelves or drawers which are very useful for storing shoes or hand bags. The market offers garment racks with cover which look very much like a wardrobe and protect clothes from dust and fading, while at the same time remain simple, reliable and affordable. The greatest advantages of garment racks is the simple design, easy installation, the fact that they can be moved from one room to another (portable racks) and most designs are with adjustable height from the floor which makes them kids friendly.

Clothes rack designs ideas

industrial home decor rolling clothes shoe shelves

In order to avoid the loss of space a hanging clothes rack will be your best solution. It can be placed in an unused corner. Instead of spending money on buying one, you can make it yourself. You could use an old pipe and paint it so that it becomes a part of the decoration of the home or a tree branch and add a natural element in the home decor. Rolling racks are the perfect solution for small spaces. Instead of buying a wardrobe for a guest bedroom a portable clothes rack will be most useful and will cost you much less. Moreover, you can use it wherever else you need it. The variety of designs and DIY ideas is enormous.

DIY hanging rope clothing space saving furniture ideas

One of the great advantages of clothes racks is their convenience because you always have full access to all garments, placed on them while closets and wardrobes have the disadvantage to get crammed and you will need a lot of time to find what you need. You can buy your clothes rack from a store or craft it by yourself. Either way, you have to make sure that it will be a part of the room decor. For example – an industrial design will not look appropriate in a rustic bedroom and vice versa.

 Hanging clothing racks save valuable floor space

Contemporary bedroom ideas hanging show shelves


Rolling racks can be moved from one room to another

rolling shoe shelf closet orgainzers clothes storage

Industrial style clothing rack

rolling garment rack industrial style portable closet

  Garment racks are perfect for the guest bedroom

rolling shoe shelf storage boxes

 Drying rack in the laundry room

pull out clothes drying rack laundry room

 Rolling clothes rack with cover

portable closet garment rack with cover

 The rolling clothing rack is a wonderful portable closet

portable closet garment rack dust cover closet organizers ideas

Laundry room clothes storage cabinets

designs storage shelf

simple design standing clothes rack

DIY white branch hanging

shoe shelf clothes storing ideas

creative DIY clothes rack idea ladder metal chains

contemporary home stainless steel

Clothing organizers clothing storage

storing home furniture ideas

clothes drying rack laundry room ideas contemporary home

design ideas hangers shelves

corridor wardrobe cloting racks umbrella stand

Rolling clothes rack stainless steel


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