Corner shelf – 25 ideas how to use your living space creatively

by Kremy

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Corner shelf is one of the elements for universal modular shelving. Shelves are an integral part of modern design. Corner shelves allow you to utilize the available living space and use it cleverly and creatively. Moreover, you keep everything at hand and have a convenient and affordable place for the daily items that you need and last, but not least, you free countertop or table surfaces. With corner shelves you save space and also create an original element of the decor which is eye pleasing for the inhabitants of the home and the guests of the house.

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It can be quite a challenge to combine optimum use of space and home decoration, especially in small apartments. Here creative design comes to aid. A corner shelf can be installed virtually in any room – bathroom, bedroom, living-room, home office, nursery or corridor. They will accommodate books, candles, family photos and books in the living room and bedroom and will give you quick access to the appliances or dishes that you use every day but do not want to clutter your countertop. Corners that are too narrow to be used for something else may become a display for your travel souvenirs, art objects or exotic flowers.

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Floating shelves and corner shelves are elegant and fit in any room. The biggest advantage of a such shelf is that it occupies a minimal space. You can put a variety of thins on corner shelves. Another advantage is that installation is fairly easy which makes them a perfect DIY project. Shelves are a long lasting piece of furniture which requires no maintenance, except for regular cleaning from dust.

white corner shelf space saving furniture home decorating ideas

Optimizing space is a science and the goal is to achieve high functionality of the interior and at the same time give your home a spacious and cozy look. The most difficult is to optimize corner spaces. Corner shelves provide the opportunity to use the walls in most creative ways. Going vertical is always a clever solution, especially in urban dwellings with limited space. You can choose a contrast color for your shelves which will add a color splash to the room or opt for a color that blends with the overall palette for a seamless appearance.

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