A modern approach to chair design – the “Cocoon” chair

by Kremy

modern approach to chair design white ear

Can we have a secluded comfortable place for a rest? The Russian designer Anton Ratnikov has presented his new modern approach to chair design with the armchair project “Cocoon”. This armchair will not look out of place in your bedroom, living room or even office.

modern chair design living room closed ears


Despite its marvellous appearance the chair can be used as an ordinary one. But if you wanted some privacy, all you need to do is to pull the “ears” of the chair and relax. The “cocoon”project was intended for public places like airports, for example, where specially designed areas for your personal comfort just do not exist.


“Cocoon” armchair has an open front that can be tied up to secure privacy and its granulated structure gives flexibility and at the same time hardness. The armchair upholstery can be various- from leather to velvet. The modern approach to chair design leaves enough space for your personal taste and preferences.

The contemporary approach to chair design by Anton Ratnikov makes the “cocoon chair” look welcoming and comfortable and would completely change the appearance of your living room and give it a modern glamorous brilliance.

cocoon chair public place

cocoon chair bedroom look

night look

groups public place


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