45 Ideas for Halloween Costumes and make-up inspired by celebrities

by Kremy

celebrities Halloween costumes and make up ideas

Hollywood celebrities often have the goal to provoke the public through their behavior and clothing style. Their performances often resemble spooky Halloween parties and there is much discussion about the message they want to convey through art. Many act as if they have sold the devil’s soul. We hope that this scary outfit is only part of the image that would like to build many artists. We have assembled a lot of stars’ pictures with eccentric taste in this article, because we were captivated by their creativity for exciting Halloween costumes and make-up . Join us!

Extravagant ideas for Halloween costumes and makeup, inspired by Lady Gaga

celebrities Halloween costumes and make up lady gaga


Lady Gaga is really a monster on stage. The pop singer is known for her experimentation. But they no longer really surprised us. Eccentric corsets, dresses made ​​from real meat, bloody “clothes”, unusual designer pieces – the style of Gaga is everywhere a real eye-catcher. Many still enthusiastic about the idea to dress up as Lady Gaga for Halloween.

celebrities Halloween costumes and make up

  Natalie Portman’s black swan

celebrities Halloween costumes and make up black swan

 Show eccentric Lady Gaga, being “bleeding” on stage singing and dancing

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas creepy blutgefleckt


The provocative dress made ​​of real meat

Creepy Halloween Costume Lady Gaga Outfits Dress of Meat

A monster on stage and in life …

Gaga outfits eccentric fashion pieces Halloween Horror Party Ideas

Unusual design dress the new queen of pop

Lady gaga style clothing ideas for halloween costumes Accessories

Marilyn Manson is one of the stars who always shock with her ​​outfit ! But his style and make-up is unique and can be further interpreted on Halloween .

Dress Code Red-Black

Marilyn Manson clothing Red Suit makeup ideas

Makeup Idea – fearsome teeth

Marilyn Manson sharp tooth shark Makeup Ideas Makeup

The former wife of Marilyn Manson – Dita Von Teese

 Costume Ideas Lipstick Red dita von teese

“Kiss” – Halloween Make -up Ideas for Friends

Kiss Mask Faces Make-Up Ideas Men Costumes

The Prince of Darkness : Ozzy Osbourne

ozzy osbourne the prince of darkness

Demonic outfit on Halloween is a classic

Ozzy Osbourne demonic Make Up Ideas Party celebrate

“Thriller ” by Michael Jackson

MJ Thriller Halloween makeup ideas costumes

Terrifying zombies

Thriller Costume Michael Jackson Halloween ideas

” King of Pop ” look for Halloween

Ghosts Michael Jackson Halloween Costume Make-Up

‘Ghost’ of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Ghosts Video Skull Ideas

Freaky Style Costumes from Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj corset ideas for flashy Halloween Party Costumes hot women

The garishly flamboyant singer is known for her love of the color pink and her crazy outfits. The rapper is often dressed in leuchtetden neon colors , wearing multicolored wigs and is never boring.

Change the hair color for Halloween

nicki minaj pink hair Hairstyle Ideas Halloween

Halloween appearance in Boy George style

Boy George style Yellow Hat Halloween makeup tips fairing

Sweet outfit like Katy Perry – maybe femme fatale blue hair ?

Katy Perry style blue hair color candy Halloween costume and make-up idea

Make-up idea from the video ” Extraterrestrial “

alien creature Katy Perry Makeup Ideas Halloween

The Icelandic singer Bjork – source of ideas for parrot -Inspired Costumes

Bjork style Parrot make-up for halloween

Dress up as Freddie Mercury – Do not forget big teeth

Freddie Mercury Queen Halloween Costume Ideas yellow white jacket suit

Amy Winehouse – retro hairstyle and eyeliner thick

Amy Whinehouse halloween costume

Designer Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Trends in Halloween costumes accessories ideas

Karl Lagerfeld is the designers who set the tone in terms of world fashion. His outfit is not complicated to follow suit .

Celebs show up in wild hairstyles – Vivienne Westwood

vivienne westwood Halloween Hairstyle Ideas orange hair dye

In the glamorous world of celebrities feel like a VIP – Cher – stage costumes

Cher Bodysuit Stage Costumes Ideas Halloween celebrity look

Time she was wearing a tight , more transparent bodysuit , sometimes leather boots and leather jacket. The musical icon impressed with their openness to this day on stage.

Dress up as the Korean rapper Psy and prove your dance skills !

Psy style suit blue clothes for Halloween exclusive ideas

 Men in tights ? LMFAO Party Rock style on Halloween

LMFAO style costumes men in tights animal pattern Halloween Ideas

The clothing style of LMFAO would be perhaps the best disguise for you at the Halloween party! The eclectic mix of animal patterns, stripes , Halssmuck and fashionable sneakers is determined captivate the attention !

Pop singer Kesha often shocked her fans

Halloween ideas hairstyle make-up accessories Inspiration Stars Kesha

Halloween costumes and make-up, inspired by freaky people who own the Guinness Book of World Records – a place of honor

Rick Genest – The Zombie Boy

Zombie makeup for Halloween trick Genest the zombie boy tattoos

The Zombie Boy from Montreal, is still known for his participation in the video ” Born This Way” by Lady Gaga has tattoos that represent the human skeleton.

Eric Sprague – The Lizardman

Human reptile tattoos Erik Sprague Ideas makeup

The fearsome lizard – man with a forked tongue has let the whole body sting.

Elaine Davidson – the woman with the most piercings in the world

Extreme makeup ideas Hairdressing Elaine Davidson piercings

The Brazilian-born Elaine Davidson had to leave the whole face and large body parts stand out from a piercer . Overall, it has 6925 piercings, lots of tattoos, brightly colored hair and long ears with holes. Actually looks like her face from behind all this jewelry, one can only guess .

Elaine Davidson also has a place of honor in the Guinness Book of World Records

Elaine Davidson the woman with the most piercing Ideas

John Lynch A.K.A. Prince Albert – the man with the most piercing of the world

Prince Albert man with the most piercing the world idea Make-up
Compared to Elaine ‘s 241 pieces are relatively less , but really enough , we think.

Exaggerate Halloween with tattoos and body piercings

People with many piercing Prince Albert Elaine Davidson makeup ideas

Lucky Diamond Rich – the most tattooed man on the planet

Most Tattooed human the world Lucky Diamond Rich

His body is covered with tattoos its full length . In his tattoos are to be compared with drugs – they have actually led to an addiction.

Ideas for ” tattooed face ”

Lucky rich on most tattooed man the world ideas make-up

Dennis Avner – the cat – man

The hangover man Dennis Avner Stalking Cat eccentric make-up ideas

In this case you doubt whether Dennis is actually addicted or Cat tattoo addict. The eccentric man has the body tattoo with tiger stripes and can even be implanted whiskers.

 Matt Gone tattoos like this – his body is covered with tattoos up to 98 %

Matt Gone tattoos Checkerboard Make Up Ideas Party

ideas from the last few years

Hollywood celebrates Cat Woman Monkey

Seductive Weibmonster

Celebrity red black dress code

Provocative captivate the audience

 Party Costumes Hollywood stars Heidi Klum

Halloween ” reincarnation ” of Aquiler Christina and Jordan Bratman

Celebrities Christina aguilera jordan Bratman couple costumes

Lady Gaga stage show red Costume Ideas

Attractive Costumes Women -Inspired Hollywood stars





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