Living room furniture design combines working and residence space

by Kremy

innovative furniture design Harry Thaler Atelierhouse residence project pine wood

Urban dwellings often do not provide sufficient space for living and working. There are many people who use same space and organizing a separate home office is sometimes impossible. Further to that, artists need more than a few square meters to work on pictures or sculptures and most of them have separate premises for their creative work. Designer Harry Thaler has taken an innovative approach to solving the space problem. He designed a residence for the contemporary art museum Museion, called Atelierhouse, as a modern home for artists and curators and the living room furniture design is so creative that it allows to transform the space and create a bedroom or an office.

Flexible living room furniture design

modern home furniture design Harry Thaler Atelierhouse pine wood furniture flexible use


The project unites an art studio and residence in one. It combines working and living space and can accommodate more than one occupant. The original living room furniture design is minimalist yet quite comfortable to meet all the needs of the inhabitants. Made of nailed pine wood and MDF, the pieces are easily movable and adjustable. The furniture set consists of a single and double bed, a closet, a dining table, some chairs, a floor lamp and a big wooden frame which can be used as a shelf or additional workspace. All pieces have clean, straight lines and cubic shapes but their main feature is their flexibility. The minimalist design does not affect the functionality and convenience.

 Small living room furniture design with great conveniece

Harry Thaler flexible modern furniture minimalist design pine wood

The Atelierhouse successfully unites public and private spaces with open floor plan concept and contemporary living room furniture design. The dining table becomes a working space, if needed and vice versa. If the occupant would like to entertain visitors or hold a meeting, it can be turned into a conference table at once. The beds can be closed up tight and people would see floating pine cubes. The master bed is designed with a window on a single side which is easily pulled from the inside and a wide-open wall on the other. The back of the double bed cube conceals a closet equipped with 2 extended incorporated drawers, an open shelf, a black hanging rod and a full-length mirror. The other closet features a built-in lighting.

Atelierhouse by Harry Thaler creative living room furniture design dining table with lamp

The Murphy bed with built-in lighting

Harry Thaler Atelierhouse project single murphy bed pine wood


The design features rolls for moving

modern home lilving room ideas murphy bed

 Double bed in master cube

Harry Thaler Atelierhouse double bed pine wood open window

The back of the master cube features a closet

Harry Thaler living room furniture design pine wood closet incorporated drawers metal rod

 Second closet is equipped with built-in lighting

living room furniture design Harry Thaler pine wood closet built in lighting

 Atelierhouse living room open floor plan dining area




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