Balcony garden design – 20 ideas for a beautiful outdoor space

by Kremy

modern balcony garden ideas stylish outdoor furniture potted flowers

The garden is an additional living space.  Many people, living in urban dwellings, gardening on a balcony or a terrace is the only option. Small apartments and balconies are with a limited area but the good planning and organization are, in fact, the most important requirements for a sensational balcony garden design and optimum space utilization. There are a few tips and tricks that we can give you if you want to make a garden without actually having one and cleverly use your space.

 balcony garden design ideas blooming flowers trees table


For a spectacular balcony garden design you need to keep to the basic elements which apply to every landscape design – to arrange the available space in the best possible way. Basically there are two options – you can use boxes or pots and hang them on the wall or on the railings, or you can plant the entire wall / floor. The first option is extremely popular as it offers some flexibility, while the second one requires some experience in gardening. Choosing the plants should be in accordance with the balcony size. There are some flowers / plants that require more space. Evergreen plants will look beautiful even in winter, while seasonal flowers will decorate the balcony only in during a particular season.

small balcony with potted plants opens to garden

The second option for a balcony garden design is to make a vertical plant wall. This is particularly suitable for small balconies because it gives a certain flexibility. If you wish, you may also create a lawn – so the balcony is transformed into a real small garden. The ones who are lucky to own a roof terrace, can experiment and make a real garden. Do not forget outdoor furniture –  there are many designs which will fit into a small one and allow you to spend time outdoors despite the small space.

 tiny balcony garden design with two lounge chairs

small balcony outdoor furniture branches in a vase lounge chair

artificial grass flower pots

railing plants small table

long narrow balcony garden idea flowers in pots and tree

balcony climbing plants small table

ideas balcony big flower pots rustic style

wooden deck vertically potted plants outdoor furniture

balcony garden extension to modern bedroom

outdoor furniture lounge chairs modern planters

Balcony garden design flower pots chair small table

flower containers on railings spectacular view

 big pots plants bench coffee table

big flower pots outdoor dining furniture

wooden deck big wooden plant containers gravel

tropic plants bench square table

rooftop terrace garden with beautiful plants trees sitting area

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