Simple Cactus Garden Ideas: Arrange an Intriguing Cacti Exposition in Your Yard or Balcony!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Cacti are famous for their ability to thrive in arid areas with almost no care and water. They are loved also for their intriguing shapes, blooms, therefore grown in yards and gardens, as well on balconies. Do you want to explore some admiring simple cactus garden ideas to include one in your green area? If you’re looking to create a little, but stunning exposition of these plants, you’re lucky today to learn much about this!

Easy Ideas for a Cactus Garden

simple cactus garden ideas cacti with rocks arrangement

Apply one of the simple cactus garden ideas to some sunny corner of your outdoor space:

  • Rock cacti-succulent oasis. Turn one sun-lit patch of your outdoor area into a serene cactus rock garden. Begin your initiative by selecting a variety of cacti, which thrive where you live. Combine them by artistically mixing shapes, sizes, and colors in an attractive and interesting display. You should plant them into a prepared soil by adding a gritty mix for an improved drainage, or a special cactus soil. Then arrange rocks and place carefully around them your cacti. Check if all of them have enough space to grow. It’s a good idea to diversify the composition, including in it other water-resistant, sun loving plants like succulents or agave. Now, you already have your captivating cacti garden, which is a wonderful focal point, and, what’s more, there is almost no need to care for it.

how to make a cactus garden outdoors water rarely

  • Simple cactus garden ideas: Vertical wall. Maybe your place for cacti is too little, but you still want to bring a tropical flair to the garden. Then, a vertical cactus wall is a fantastic possibility for you. All you should do to is to construct a wooden or metal frame with horizontal shelves at different heights. After that, it’s time to plant your cacti in small pots or containers and arrange them on the shelves. It would look nice to place there some cacti with trailing or cascading growth, which will add depth and particular interest. This striking display of cactuses should receive at least six hours of sunlight per a day, and a good air circulation.

simple cactus garden ideas cacti vertical garden

  • Potted cacti garden: Arrange a desert inspired oasis on your patio or balcony with cactuses in pots. Choose cacti of different shapes, suitable to be grown in containers, and combine them according to their sizes and colors. Make your selection of versatile in design pots or containers, according to your taste, and which suit the patio or balcony. Then fill them with a well-draining soil mix, plant the cacti, and position your plant exposition on a spot with a full to partially-full sunlight. The last thing is to group the pots together in a beautiful pattern. You should take your mini garden inside to protect it from cold winter months, or place the plants under a cover.

simple cactus garden ideas cacti in pots with stones

How to Care for the Simple Cactus Garden?

Looking for your cactus garden is easy, as these plants have adapted to live in deserts with a shortage of water and nutrients. Although, they can’t survive without a careful watering regimen. Cacti differ from most of the plants on the planet with their lower water needs. This is because of their ability to store the damp. Nevertheless, they still require some watering:

How Often Should You Water Cactus?

small cactus garden ideas on a balcony

While they are in the growing season, which is most often in spring and summer, water your cacti once every two to three weeks. But before to do this, check carefully the soil’s moisture content with a simple technique. Put your finger about an inch (2.5 cm) into the soil, and if it feels dry, the plant already needs water. You should add it precisely, as overwatering can lead to root rot.

What is the Precise Watering Technique?

The plant should be watered thoroughly. Pour the liquid at the base of the cactus pot slowly, until it starts to drain from the bottom. This means that the roots have absorbed water entirely. It’s not recommended to mist the plants, as it can lead to fungal diseases or shallow root development.

Watering During the Dormant Period

This period is usually during fall and winter, when cacti do not almost require damp. There is a need to reduce watering frequency to once on every four to six weeks, or even less. Be careful, as cacti are susceptible to root rot in cool and wet conditions in autumn and winter. So, it is even more important they to have adequate drainage during the period.

cactus garden ideas landscape low maintenance plants

With the proper care, you’ll have a thriving cactus garden that is low-maintenance while creating a stunning display of stems and flowers of these resilient desert plants.

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