What Skirt to Wear When You Have Wide Hips to Create a Harmonious Silhouette?

by Kremy

There’s nothing more sensual than feminine curves in all the right places! However, quite often we run out in one area and have too much in another… So what can we do to restore the aesthetic balance? We use the right clothing, of course! How exactly? For example, how should we dress when our body mass is more pronounced below the waist? What skirt to wear when you have wide hips?

What Skirt to Wear When You Have Wide Hips?

what skirt to wear when you have wide hips elegant silhouette summer 2023

Well-defined hips give us a feminine look, but this anatomical feature can also weigh us down somewhat. The solution? Highlight yourself and embrace this situation with your head held high or choose a slimming dress or skirt to restore the body harmony. Today we explore what skirt to wear when you have wide hips.

The Pencil Skirt (Black)

what skirt to wear when you have wide hips high waisted black pencil skirt


The pencil skirt is a real classic that looks great on wide hips, accentuating them nicely while balancing the overall silhouette. Even better, if it’s black or at least a single color. In any case, avoid large patterns and horizontal stripes.

Keep in mind that the black pencil skirt is not intended to hide your hips, but to enhance them! At the same time, it is not too provocative, since its color is rather conservative. This model tends to make ladies slimmer thanks to its high waist which elongates your legs flawlessly. In fact, almost any high-waisted skirt is a good solution if you’re wondering what skirt to wear when you have wide hips.

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Flared Skirts

high waisted a line skirt to hide wide hips

The same applies to the A-line skirt and especially the A-shaped midi flared skirt. An A-line skirt tends to highlight wide hips, but in a sophisticated way, while a flared skirt somewhat blurs the effect. Anyway, these types of skirts allow maximum freedom of movement without any risk of creating the impression of too heavy hips (or buttocks).

Because of their simple structure, flared skirts are multi-purpose, and you’re bound to have at least one in your wardrobe. You can match such a skirt with any top, but you’ll look particularly elegant combining it with a fitted top.

The Long Maxi Skirt

what skirt to wear when you have wide hips long asymmetrical skirt

The eternal question: can you wear a maxi skirt when you have wide hips? Yes, absolutely, but you need to choose the right length. Avoid models that almost touch the ground, and prefer ones that end a few inches above your ankle. For a more powerful slimming effect, pair them with high heels if the occasion allows.

Mermaid Dresses/Skirts

what wedding dress to wear when you have wide hips mermaid skirt

The structure of a mermaid skirt makes it one of the perfect choices for a woman with large hips. Since its cut is fitted at the waist and thighs and flares out at the bottom, it ideally counterbalances the wide hips. It is also a top option for a distinctive wedding dress!

The Wrap Skirt

what skirt to wear when you have wide hips black wrap skirt

Wrap skirts and dresses are wonderful to wear not only when you have hips, but to hide your belly too! Beautiful, sexy and super comfortable, a skirt that closes at the side is an essential element of the summer wardrobe of any woman with expressive curves.

Asymmetrical Skirts

what skirt to wear when you have wide hips spring summer fall 2023

For similar reasons, the asymmetrical skirt is one of the best answers for any girl faced with the question: “What skirt to wear when you have wide hips?” It can be dropped hem or, even better, have different lengths on both sides. Depending on the material and the length, you can find an impeccable model for any occasion.

What Skirts to Avoid When You Have Wide Hips?

what skirts to avoid when you have wide hips

Having learned what skirt to wear when you have wide hips, it is worth mentioning which type to avoid. For obvious reasons, avoid the peplum, but also the tulip and the bubble skirt. In addition, skip ruffles, gathers, frills and folds, especially if they are deep and start from the waist. They’re perfect for adding volume below the waist for rectangle body shape, but not for A-shaped women who have enough volume.



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