What to wear to hide wide hips? Let’s see how to make your silhouette elegant and chic!

by Gabby

Do you think we should make up for all our “imperfections”? What if we find new ones every time? We live in days where being thin is preferred because it means you’re healthy. That is far from the case though… I won’t go into that now. But if you’re the kind of girl who has wider hips and you want to take a little bit of the bulk off them, I’ve got the right tricks for you! I’m not talking about workouts or dangerous diets! You can use clothes to cover up a few inches of your thighs and feel super confident! What to wear to hide wide hips? Let’s find out today!

What to wear to hide wide hips?

what to wear to hide wide hips fashion tips and tricks

Curvy women are super beautiful, but because of society they often forget that they should highlight their sexy curves, instead of hiding them. Today we are focusing on understanding the type of shape your body has and how to wear clothes that will flatter your figure the most. Embrace your beautiful thick hips and learn how to dress properly so that they look absolutely amazing! Let’s find out what are the best outfit inspirations out there!

What to wear to hide wide hips? Try shaping them nicely!

skims shapeware curvy women body what to wear to hide wide hips


Credits: Skims

Want to make your silhouette more elegant and highlight your best curves? Then you need shapewear! It doesn’t matter what you choose, the important thing is that you are comfortable in it. If you’re going to wear this type of underwear in the summer or spring, always choose a lighter fabric, but at the same time a firmer one to better accommodate our body. In fact, shapewear is very common right now, and all types of women are opting for it to show off their figure in the best way.

What are the best type of jeans for larger hips?

the best jeans for larger hips curvy women fashion trends outfit inspiration

Straight-leg boyfriend jeans are one of my most worn item recently. I am super short but I make it work somehow, because I am just in love with this casual style that they give you. If you have wider hips, these types of jeans will elongate your legs and will make your curves look smoother and nicer. They will take a few inches off that area, which will make your silhouette even better.

Flared jeans for curvy women 

flared jeans for curvy women how to hide wide hips

Wide hips and narrow waist is not a flaw, it is a visual confirmation of your femininity and beauty. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure. Therefore, choosing a favorite model, look for a darker denim. Dark shades visually narrow the width of the hips, makes you slimmer. Flared jeans can really draw the attention from your hips because of the flare and the wide-leg fit. They are perfect for daytime and also you can wear them with heels if you are going on a date! For more inspiration, check out which type of jeans are best for a curvy figure!

What colors to wear to hide wide hips?

black dress women fashion hide wide hips ideas tips and tricks

What colors are best for your curvy figure? You cannot only wear dark shades because they tend to make us look slimmer! However, if you want to wear something that is really fitted, I say try wearing it in black. This dress is the perfect example, because it is not only in a dark color, but it has an interesting neckline, which draws the attention from the hips. This beautiful cutout detail on the waist is also really trendy and sexy.

Trendy prints 2023 

trendy prints 2023 curvy women fashion ideas

If you want to draw the attention from your hips, wear prints are are super bold and will distract. If you choose to wear a suit or a matching two-piece set, always wear it in the same colors or the same print. There are many clothing patterns that are super trendy right now that will be perfect for your figure. Check out what are the print trends 2023 that you must try out!

Maxi dress and skirts

maxi dress for curvy girls trends ideas 2023

If you want to wear something chic for this spring, you can try a maxi dress that is really flowy. The V-neck line will help take away the attention from your hips. Avoid wearing something with ruffles and a lot of fabric. How to match it perfectly? Put on a nice mini bag that has rhinestones or decorations that are really shiny!

What to wear to hide wide hips? Check out these other ideas!

matching two piece set satin maxi skirt curvy girls

Women suit: Spring trends 2023 

women suit spring fashion trends 2023 curvy women

Cargo pants 

spring trends curvy women 2023 how to hide wide hips

Matching navy blue set 

matching set blue two piece set spring trends curvy women 2023

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