Which type of jeans is best for curvy figure? Check out some fashion tips!

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Jeans are the thing we wear almost every day. I’m sure we’ve all tried most of the models that were fashionable for their time. Whether you want an elegant look or a casual one, jeans can be paired in any way. But here we have to be very careful while choosing them as they should be suitable for our figure. How to camouflage a few kilos, or which type of jeans is best for a curvy figure in 2023? Let’s find out today!

Which type of jeans is best for curvy figure to wear in 2023?

which jeans for curvy figure to wear in 2023 fashion trends

What plus size jeans and pants to wear for a curvy figure? What shapes should you choose when you have a tummy, wide hips, strong thighs and round knees? To hide your tummy and slim thighs, high-waisted jeans and pants will be ideal. Also favor straight cuts that elongate the silhouette and dark colors that slim the legs. Discover below all our tips to find the jeans and trousers adapted to your curves and the jeans that will make your figure look amazing! What are the trends for 2023 that you can adapt? Let’s find out!

Boyfriend jeans for curvy women

what jeans to wear for curvy women ideas tips advice fashion tricks


More or less curvy girls are probably the most likely to wonder which jeans for which morphology. To sculpt the rounder silhouette optically, the straight cut or the so-called boyfriend jeans are among the best options. However, even a slim can work well if the curves are evenly distributed. Anyway, avoid skinny jeans, but also large oversized cuts that add volume instead of taking it away.

High-waisted mom jeans

high-waisted mom jeans curvy figure fashion trends 2023

Along the same lines, lots of girls are wondering what are the best jeans when you have a belly. The specific fit depends on the rest of your proportions, but the rule of thumb, logically, is to avoid low rises. Wear high or mid-rise jeans to cover the problem area and emphasize an asset. Mom jeans, classic straight cut, and even sculpting skinny jeans are all acceptable depending on your unique body characteristics.

Wide-leg jeans for curvy women

long flaired jeans for curvy women fashion trends 2023

High-waisted, straight-cut trousers should be a wardrobe staple. Choose it with small well-centered pockets, which will result in camouflaging a few kilos from your butt, if this is what you opt for.  Opt for straight, flared or flared cuts that will hug your shapes without molding them. A high waist is recommended to hide your stomach, hips, and thighs. These type of jeans are very trendy right now, and you can style then with sneakers, heels or even some ankle boots. They elongate your figure and make it slimmer. The wide-leg jeans are perfect for a night out or running some errands during the day. The movement that they have makes them one of the most comfy pairs that you can own. For more inspiration, check out which are the jeans trends in 2023.

Which type of jeans is best for curvy figure? Try bootcut jeans!

bootcut jeans for curvy women 2023 fashion trends

If you prefer this skinny jeans style, but still want to cover up some of the curves on your figure, try the bootcut jeans. They are wonderful at making your waist look small because of the flare at the end of the legs. This also elongates the figure, which is a desirable effect when it comes to the curvy girls. How can you style them? Wear a top that will perfectly fit your body. Avoid wearing something loose, since this can create the illusion of a bigger silhouette. How to know that the jeans are the perfect fit? The only tip I can give you here is to trust your gut. If you feel good in them, they are the perfect match!

Which jeans to wear if you are curvy?

If you need some more inspiration on what pair of jeans to rock this year, watch this video! In the video you will see how to be comfortable, but also look snatched and absolutely stunning. A pair of jeans can really change your entire look and these examples here can prove it. If you want to check out more life hacks, find which jeans can actually make you look skinny.

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