How to dress in your 70s? Steal Lyn Slater’s style to look 10 years younger!

by Gabby

Women of all ages, come together! This is the year of change and self-love, and we are all improving our looks! If you think you have to stop wearing certain clothes after 50 or 60, you are completely wrong! Style and class are timeless, and you should never stop expressing yourself through your clothes, makeup, and hair. After all, except for our personality, that’s how we present ourselves in society. And I’m not saying you have to conform to societal norms when it comes to beauty and aging. I say you should never stop taking care of yourself, wearing what you love no matter what your age, and expressing yourself! How to dress in your 70s? Check out these 70-year-old woman outfit ideas, inspired by self-proclaimed “accidental” fashion icon Lyn Slater. Be inspired!

How to dress in your 70s? Check out these 70-year-old woman outfit inspirations!

how to dress in your 70s 70 year old woman outfits inspiration fashion

Many women try to “moderate” their style as they start to age. Sometimes they are preoccupied with life and have no time for themselves. Other times they conform to societal norms and start dressing up rather… Usually… If you’re feeling targeted, then this article is for you. Here is a safe space for all my lovely readers, and together we will regain our confidence and start being ourselves without complex! Whether through fashion or trendy hairstyles… And yes, in this economy, clothes are expensive! But you know what ? There is a catch! Vintage thrift stores offer unique and amazing pieces for little to no money. As an avid fan of thrift stores, I invite you to visit these stores and stroll through the aisles. After all, what they say is true: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. If you’re adamant, just try to take a look around. I swear to you: you will not be disappointed.

How to dress in your 70s? Experiment with colors!

dress for women over 70 floral spring fashion trends 2023


Yes, every woman should have at least one black dress in her wardrobe. But what if all your clothes are black? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a timeless and universal color that goes with everything. However, bringing a little color to your look will only make you look more radiant and youthful. If you want to know what your skin tone is, take the skin tone test. But what is it exactly? Our undertones determine how well a color matches our skin tone and highlights our best features. For example, if you have a cool undertone, clothes in cool tones like blue will make you look radiant, unlike yellow or bright red. But find more details in the dedicated article… If you really don’t like to wear a lot of colors, I encourage you to turn to colorful accessories such as handbags, headbands, jewelry, etc. And you have to know that one of the print spring trends 2023 are the floral patterns.

70 year old woman outfit: Casual chic

fashion for women over 70 casual outfit

Let’s face it, as flattering as jeans are on a woman, they can be quite uncomfortable. I recommend you take dark flared pants and combine them with a shiny top and an oversized blazer, and finish the look with ballet flats or sneakers. Spruce it up with some jewelry and accessories and voilà! You are an icon of urban style!

how to dress in your 70s style ideas outfit for a 70 year old woman

Not only are oversized clothes comfortable, but they are also flattering. Do you have a little extra weight that you want to dexterously hide while being comfortable? Don’t wear tight clothes that will make you want to go home and stay in your pajamas all day. Instead, opt for comfortable pants, a sweatshirt, colorful sneakers and, of course, top it all off with fashionable earrings!

How to look elegant in your 70s?

elegant outfit inspiration for women over 70 fashion trends

Flared pants are perfect for women with fuller thighs! They rebalance the silhouette, lengthen the legs and fit like a glove! You can find them in many different colors, materials and patterns and pair them with almost anything! Lyn exudes confidence and style with her oversized brown blazer and belt around her waist. By adding a belt, she really stands out with her curves and her femininity. Again: don’t forget to add accessories! You can also get the same look by wearing jeans. Check out some of the best outfits with jeans for women over 60!

skirts for women over 70 fashion trends

Or why not add a baby pink colored maxi skirt, a silk shirt and add a long jacket to finish the look? Lyn is dressed in pastel colors except for her UGG boots which pair perfectly with her trendy sunglasses. That’s what I call comfort and style well combined!

How to dress in your 70s: Photo gallery

fashion for women over 70 trends outfit inspiration

Fashion for women over 70: Don’t be afraid to experiment!

fashion for women in their 70s

What coat to wear in your 70s?

what coat to wear in your 70s

Try wearing bright colors and elegant patterns!

what patterns are for 70 year old woman

How to wear denim in your 70s? 

what colors for a 70 year old woman fashion outfits

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