Sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50: 6 wardrobe essentials that you can’t go without

by Kristiyana

When you reach your 50s, you are a force to be reckoned with. You know what you want, you’ve figured out what’s good for you, and it’s finally time to put yourself out there—whether that means focusing on your career or hobbies, or learning something completely new. And if you’re finding some challenges keeping up with the latest fashion trends while your body is changing, we’re here to help. Here are some tips for sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50 that will never go out of style!

Sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50: Essentials


Below you will find a list of the best clothes for sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50. Think of these pieces as investments that you will wear for many years, because they will never really go out of fashion. Think of them as your basics and build on them. You can wear these basics to work, to dinner and everywhere else.

Boot cut & straight leg jeans—Dark denim, mid-rise



The boot-cut hem leaves room for ankle boots, which are the perfect shoe choice for almost any occasion. You can also pair boot cut jeans with tall boots. This style is the perfect sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50 because it balances the silhouette—not too tight and not too wide, but just right.

Tip: Make sure the length is about half an inch off the ground (depending on the shoe), and make sure the jeans fit snugly at the bottom and hips (with a little stretch).

Straight leg jeans: forgo the tight skinny jeans (which don’t flatter most of us) and choose a dark blue jean with no fading or washing. This is definitely not an overused look! Pair them with flat loafers or low square-toe shoes. Or wear them with high boots (even above the knee) in cooler weather.

Tip: Straight leg jeans are perfect with longer jackets or tunic tops.

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Sporty-elegant fashion for over 50—Fitted high-waisted trousers


Look for high-waisted trousers in a lightweight wool blend (preferably wool/lycra) in black, anthracite or navy blue (or a pair in each colour) that you can wear all year round. The cut of the trousers is crucial, and the length must be just right. Bring your shoes and booties with you to the shop (and to the tailor if necessary) to get a perfect fit.

Tip: Wear with a silky blouse, T-shirt, or tank top with a cardigan or jacket.

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A black and navy blazer are a must-have item over 50

Black-and-navy-blue-blazers-are-a-must-have-in-women's-over-50s wardrobe

A black blazer in a lightweight wool and lycra blend is one of the most versatile garments you will own (but you can also choose navy blue). Wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, trousers—it will enhance every look Make sure it fits just right on your shoulders and can be buttoned in the front (even if you never wear it buttoned). Also, the sleeves should end slightly below your wrist. It should fall to your hips. Take it to the tailor (your new best friend) to get the perfect fit.

Tip: Wear with tank tops, black, or white t-shirts and coloured tops underneath.

Sporty-elegant fashion for women over 50—Black pencil skirt


Versatile, stylish and amazingly flattering no matter what size you are. Wear the skirt to the knee or longer and make sure it’s a little stretchy and fits well, but not too tight. It is best to combine the skirt with black tights and shoes. Refrain from wearing flat models. Opt for pumps with a medium or high heel (square toes with block heels in suede or nubuck are perfect), high boots (but not above the knee) and booties.

Tip: A black blazer might look too severe with this skirt. Instead, balance the look with a shorter, multicoloured jacket and a plain T-shirt underneath, or a blouse tucked into the skirt.

Stylish dresses for women over 50 that suit every size and figure


Sporty, elegant fashion for women over 50—Dresses make everyone feel pretty and sexy, and there are three styles that flatter older women best, whatever your size or figure:

  • Wrap dresses, especially those with long or three-quarter-length sleeves—knot the belt at the side, never the front, and don’t tie it in a bow!
  • Sleeveless sheath dresses, worn with close-fitting cardigans or jackets, are suitable for almost any occasion.
  • “Fit-and-flare” dresses, which are fitted at the top and flared slightly from the waist, creating a flirty, swingy look.
  • Jewel hues look good on all skin tones. The length should be at knee height or slightly above.

Sporty-elegant fashion for over 50: Jumpers and button-down cardigans


They’re a fashion accessory to be worn all year round and the best way to conceal not-so-tight arms. Look for long or three-quarter length sleeves that hit you at or above the hip. Longer jumpers go well with jeans or straight-leg trousers, but not with skirts. The most versatile jumpers are well-fitting but not too tight and fall around the hips. Look for models made of cashmere and cotton blends that are not too bulky. You should be able to wear these all year round, even under your cool black blazer or with your new jeans.

Tip: Also take a look at button-down cardigans that you can wear instead of a blazer. Buy one or two sizes smaller than usual, or you may end up with a “mumsy” jumper that looks bulky. Cardigans should be tight-fitting and never worn closed. The point of jumpers and cardigans is to cover your arms and add a pop of colour to your outfit.

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