How to defrost a freezer without unplugging it and when it is full? Is it possible and why to do it?

Written by Anjelina Ivanov

It is possible to defrost a freezer without unplugging it, but is it reasonable? Generally, when I want to remove the frost from my freezer (twice a year), for prevention and cleaning, I unplug it and wait for the ice to melt. But sometimes when I open it, I smell an unpleasant odor. I have to act quickly! How to defrost a freezer without unplugging it to eliminate the stinking “source”. Don’t do what my grandfather did when he put a pan on the top rack and the plastic parts melted. When you act quickly, mistakes can be made.

How to defrost a freezer and why is it necessary?

how to defrost a freezer and why is it necessary

A thick layer of ice reduces the working efficiency of the freezer. It is logical in this case that the consumption of electricity increases, and it is even estimated at 30-40%. The cooling system tends to maintain a low temperature, but the ice layer disturbs the good work.

Everyone has had the bad experience of having frozen car windows. It’s the last thing you want to be dealing with when you’re rushing to work in the morning. A common mistake is to pour hot water, as things will get worse. Instead, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and saltwater work wonders. How do you think, are they also effective for other applications? Of course, they will help you defrost a freezer without unplugging it!

How do I defrost a freezer when it’s full?

how do you defrost a freezer when it's full

Freezing fruits and vegetables is the only way to ensure fresh ingredients for salads and winter meals. Zucchini, cucumbers, raw and cooked eggplants, mushrooms and bread can all be stored in a clever way. However, there comes a time, when you start to doubt about the amount of the electricity bill. Take the first step and examine the walls of the freezer. Then ask yourself how to defrost a freezer without unplugging it when it is full!

Generally, it takes about 24 hours to completely defrost a freezer in the usual way. It’s time-consuming on one hand and inconvenient on the other, because you have to empty and figure out where to put and store all the products.

We will show you a good way to defrost with the proper precautions. The easiest way to defrost it without turning it off is to remove all the food and place one or more bowls of boiling water inside. After a while, the ice will become “docile” and a scraper will easily remove it.

This job can’t be done without some materials and tools: towels of all sizes for cleaning, gloves to protect hands, a spatula or ice scraper for scraping the walls.

How to start defrosting the freezer?

how to start defrosting the freezer

I defrost the freezer twice a year, but it is possible to do it every three months. In autumn and winter, there is no risk of damaging the food, while you should be careful during the hot season.

In any case, it is necessary to remove all products from the freezer first. To do this, and as a preventive measure, I prepare basins and trays where I store the boxes and plastic bags. I assure you that in a cooler room or, better, on the terrace, they will not melt in a few hours. Some people move food from the freezer to the fridge, but it is almost impossible for me, because the fridge is also full. If this condition does not exist for you, don’t forget to close the fridge door well!

Cover the floor with lots of towels to protect it. Personally, I never leave the freezer without observation, because once the process of melting begins, the towels soak quickly and must be wrung out periodically.

useful tips for defrosting a freezer

My freezer has a little crack in the middle of the bottom. I put a small triangular scoop in there and water drains out of it. Under the scoop, I put a basin and it fills with water. This way, I reduce the amount of water on the towels.

Now it’s time for the bowls of boiling water! Ideally, you want to put a bowl on each rack to speed up the process. Scrape where possible, but do not use knives or other sharp objects. Do not use force if the ice is still solid. The more ice you remove, the less frequently you will have to do this process.

If you are removing a giant sheet of ice, try throwing it down the sink. This can be a long process, but if you follow the cycle of using hot water and a spatula, you should be able to defrost the freezer in about an hour.

How often should the freezer be defrosted?

how often to defrost the freezer

I told you that I do it twice a year: in the spring and in the fall, when the temperatures are low. Basically, defrosting depends on the temperature you set your freezer to and how often you use it. Inspect the interior and if you see a large patch of ice, (mine sometimes forms bumps), it’s time to defrost.

To prevent frost from forming, check to see if the door is sealed properly, the cold air ventilation should go through properly, never put hot food in the freezer.


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