Outfits with jeans for women over 60: It is time to express ourselves trough fashion!

by Gabby

When we are in our 20s or 30s, we know life is full of colorful moments. We have some tough ones and we have the ones that make us feel like everything is rainbows and unicorns. Youth is associated with emotionality. We often show this trough fashion, because it is a way to express ourselves. However, we women reach a certain age, they try to wear things that are “age appropriate”, which is not a bad thing. But is it really fashionable? Does it make you feel like you’re glowing and expressing yourself enough? I got you! We are wearing jeans at almost every age of our life. So, they will never go out of style! What are the best outfits with jeans for women over 60? How to be a true fashion icon in 2023? Let’s find out!

Outfits with jeans for women over 60: It is time to express ourselves trough fashion!

cropped blazer with jeans how to look trendy in 2023

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. They are not the ideal piece of clothing when it comes to feeling comfy, however they are certainly that one piece that you can match with everything. And what should women over 60 wear these days? You probably already know me, I hate rules when it comes to fashion. The only rule to follow here is to feel yourself in what you are wearing no matter what the trends are. Don’t think that when you reach a certain age, fashion just stops existing in your closets. You can still look stylish, elegant, chic and comfortable at the same time. Now let’s dive into the world of sophisticated and trendy outfits, that will make you fell in love with the fashion world again!

Outfits with jeans for women over 60: An everyday look

outfits with jeans winter fashion 2023


Clothing for women over 60 should be elegant, chic, and very feminine. How to achieve this kind of look in the winter? Always try to wear the classics – dark blue jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, long black coat and your favorite winter boots. Of course, if you want to make your outfit stand out, you will need the proper accessories. The sunglasses are always a good option, however if you ask me, I would like to add some pop of color. For example, you can style the outfit with a pink mini bag, or a green scarf. If you don’t want to do any mistakes, check which colors to avoid after 60!

The denim on denim trend

denim on denim fashion trend grece ghanem ideas for outfits

Grece Ghanem is the proof that mature women can be true fashion icons. She is one of the influencers that I am following on Instagram and always get inspired from her looks. If you are wondering how to wear jeans in your 60s, go to her profile and you will see a lot of trendy outfits that you can copy. This “denim on denim” look is personally one of my favorite. This trend is making a huge comeback and we will see it a lot more on the runways and on the streets. You can play with the different denim shades or you can do a monochrome look wearing the same color.

Can women over 60 wear wide leg jeans?

simple wide leg jeans and white blazer outfit 2023

You want to know if women over 60 can wear these trendy wide leg jeans? Of course, they can! What did I say about rules in fashion? There are none! If you want to hop on that trend this year, would absolutely recommend the high-waisted wide leg jeans, since they are the perfect way to flatter your figure in the best way possible. When us women mature, we tend to put on a few pounds around the belly area, and these jeans are the perfect way to hide that. You can pair them with a white or black blazer and a simple top underneath. If you don’t want to wear heels, wear loafers or casual sneakers to make the outfit more wearable.

how to wear jeans this spring 2023 outfit ideas

Should a 60 year old wear skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are coming back in 2023’s fashion trends, whether we like that or not. It is never about the age, when it comes to wearing them. You have to think if you are going to feel comfortable and find the right style that will look good on your body type. Sometimes even the color of the jeans can play a huge role. For women over 60, I recommend going for the darker denim shades, since they are camouflaging. Back pockets are also important. Choose a pair of skinny jeans where the pockets are a little bit higher. You can wear them with a flowy top to create a sophisticated and elegant outfit.

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how to wear jeans like violeta zuvela women over 60 style

How to choose the right pair of jeans for women over 60?

fashion for women over 60 trends and styles to wear this year

Choosing the right pair of jeans can be a tricky business for women at any age. That is why you need to know what looks good on your body type. The new year is here and 2023 is all about fashion experiments and finding the perfect style for yourself. Try different jeans like the skinny ones, high-waisted jeans, flared jeans, etc. You can also read what are the tips and tricks for choosing the right pair and then you will know how to style your outfits like a true fashion icon!

Other outfits with jeans for women over 60

simple casual ideas for outfits for women over 60

Denim on denim outfit inspiration 

outfits with jeans fashion trends and inspirations to try out in 2023

Try matching your jeans with a pink coat for a pop of color!

how to wear a pop of color in the winter ideas for outfits

Jeans with a trench coat outfit idea

fashion inspiration for women over 60 outfit with jeans and a trench coat

Wide leg jeans for a casual outfit 

grece ghanem jeans outfit inspiration for women over 60

Light blue denim jeans with a lavender sweater 

outfits with jeans for women over 60 grece ghanem

Winter outfit with jeans for women over 60 

fashion trends for women over 60 style ideas jeans

Simple black blazer and jeans 

casual outfits with jeans and black blazer fashion ideas

How to look cool in your 60s?

outfits with jeans ideas inspiration fashion 2023

Trendy outfits with jeans for women over 60 

how to wear jeans for women over 60 fashion rules and trends

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