What outfits to avoid after 60? 5 fashion mistakes to correct urgently to look neither too young nor too old

by Kremy

Could 60 be the new 50? Yes, provided you lighten and adapt your wardrobe and the way you dress. So how should a 60-year-old woman dress and not look like a grandma? Can we still wear a skirt at this age? Which colors to favor and which to avoid? What about shoes? Are sneakers to be avoided after 60? Deavita answers you with a little style guide of outfits to avoid after 60. Discover the pieces it may be time to give up in order to stay in the game!

5 outfits to avoid after 60 to not turn into a granny or the opposite!

fashion mistakes outfits to avoid after 60 so not to look like an old woman

At 60, you enter the senior category. However, that does not mean that this is an excuse to dress like a grandmother. Do you consider senior fashion to be old-fashioned? Think again! Retirement age has nothing to do with old age. On the contrary, life begins at 60! Especially at a time when the life expectancy of women exceeds 85 years. Even though the body is collapsing, the hair whitens and the face changes, there are a thousand and one ways to be stylish at 65. Unfortunately, there are so many fashion mistakes that can make you look older or, on the contrary, a little too young. Here are 5 of them to fix urgently!

Outfits to avoid after 60: Watch out for the neckline!

fashion mistakes outfits to avoid after 60 65 dress neither too young nor too old


The signs of aging do not forgive any part of the body. In the neck area, the skin dries out and wrinkles multiply constantly. So it’s important not to focus on that. Therefore, avoid all outfits that can highlight it unnecessarily. In winter, avoid V-neck sweaters and tops. Opt for turtleneck models instead. In summer, forget the pieces with a plunging neckline as well as too low collar in favor of the flared collar. Depending on the season, cheat with thick scarves or silk scarves to tie around the neck.

Slim jeans and low waist, it’s no!

what to wear at 60 with jeans to look younger outfits to avoid 65 grey hair mistakes senior fashion

We’ve said it over and over again, nothing is more effective than well-chosen jeans to rejuvenate an outfit. But at 60, we choose quality! In order not to “memorize” unnecessarily, we avoid cheap materials such as viscose, polyester and elastane which tend to make us older. To be chic and stylish after 60, nothing classier than raw jeans. On the cut side, slim and low waist are to be avoided at retirement age. Instead, opt for trendy mom jeans or a high-waist model to hide the belly when you are 60 or older. To change from jeans, you can bet on a denim shirt. With black pants or a pencil skirt, it works well at any age.

Beware of mini-skirts after 60

blazer and mini skirt outfits to avoid after 60 so not to look too young grece ghanem fashion mistakes 2023

How to dress when you are 60 to look younger? Not with a mini-skirt! Unless you’re Grece Ghanem, of course. Not that it’s vulgar, but admit that just like wrinkles on the face and droopy eyelids, wrinkled skin around the knees is not too pretty. The little black dress and and the short skirt are also to be avoided. Instead, bet on the knee-length pencil skirt to fix this problem. So, what skirt to wear at 60? Long denim skirt at 60 or older? Why not? The only drawback is that the model that stops at the level of the calves can sometimes look too granny-ish. You should avoid it if you’re petite too.

Outfits to avoid after 60: The monochromatic look

what color outfit to avoid after 60 to rejuvenate mistakes senior fashion

Which colors make you look older and which make you look younger at 60? Following the calendar of current fashion trends is a bit like taking the risk of aging faster. The 2023 fashion says ultra-violet? Then fuschia pink? Before offering you the monochrome trend! But are you really going to stick to it at 60? Faced with this avalanche of looks reserved for young girls, calm down and think twice. While some on-trend shades are quite flattering after 60, others tend to make you older. You will have to review your color alphabet to find the ones that will value you best. For this purpose, choose them according to your complexion and the color of your hair.

People in their sixties with matte skin will be highlighted by pastel shades, but also by white and beige. Is your face too light? Forget pastel tones and go for bright and flashy colors. Black suits everyone. What color when you have white hair? Beware of dull and cold colors in total look, like beige, white, khaki green, gray and brown. To balance them, make way for warm and bold colors, such as purple, plum, coral, red and orange.

Forget the sneakers

outfits shoes colors avoid after 60 fashion mistakes 2023 so not to look too young

You are not told to ditch your sneakers if you feel comfortable in them. You are only told to avoid the big, imposing models full of logos that young trendy girls are snapping up. Rather, it’s about replacing the famous dad shoes with an elegant and comfortable pair. Ok, but what shoes to wear after 60? In winter footwear for seniors, there’s nothing like a pair of soft ankle boots to show off. In summer, go for espadrilles. Ergonomic and timeless, they let the feet breathe while enhancing them.

5 outfits to avoid after 50 women fashion mistakes to look younger

How to dress well after 60?

To look younger at 40, 50 or even 60, there is no need to multiply your clothes! All you have to do is build a wardrobe of a few fashion basics that go through the seasons and are always up to date. These famous timeless pieces, such as the trench coat, the blazer jacket, , the straight jeans, the white shirt and the black dress, can easily be mixed together. In addition, they go well with trendy clothes to offer you outfits that are as practical as they are chic. Do you lack inspiration? Copy the style of Claire Chazal, to whom we don’t really give her 66 years!

how to dress after 60 what to wear for a 60 year old woman

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