Which jeans make you look slim? Let’s find the right pair for your body!

by Gabby

Sometimes casual with sneakers for everyday life or with chic high heels for the office, jeans are undoubtedly one of the most worn pieces in our everyday life. However, buying a new pair of jeans can sometimes be a particularly nerve-wracking experience. They can look really great in the store, but as soon as we put them on, they feel kind of weird or we can hardly put them on. Us women are often not very satisfied with how our bodies look. But with the right clothing, we can easily hide our problem areas. Okay, which jeans make you look slim? What should you pay attention to when buying them? Let’s make sure your next shopping spree will be successful!

Which jeans make you look slim? Let’s find the right pair for your body!

which jeans make you look slim and how to find the right pair fashion tips and tricks

From skinny to straight leg to Marlene trousers with a denim look, the selection of jeans is now so large that it is easy to lose track. We all know that we can hide small flaws with our clothes or even look a few years younger. But before we explain which jeans make you slim, there are a few important points that you should definitely pay attention to when buying them.

The quality of the jeans is important!

how to know which is the best jeans quality fashion tips advice 2023


Okay, not all of us can afford to spend over $200 on a pair of jeans. However, investing in quality jeans will make us one step closer to looking good in them. High quality denim models not only last longer, but they tend to fit our bodies much better and can help us achieve the skinny look we want.

How to find the right fit?

how to find the right fit jeans for our body type fashion tips

Which jeans make you look slim? Well, it all comes down to the right fit! If you want to camouflage larger thighs, you should make sure that the jeans are not too tight. Even if they slightly stretch from when you wear them, you should keep your hands off it and choose a different jeans type. Take your time to find the fit that best suits your body type. If you are a proud curvy woman and really love wearing dresses, check out which dress will make you look slimmer!

Does jeans in darker color make you look slimmer?

darker color jeans make you look slimmer fashion tricks to adapt in 2023

In addition to the right fit, the denim color also plays an important role in whether the jeans make you look slim or not. As you already know, black has been considered a real figure-flatterer for years and is a great way to hide those last few winter pounds. Dark-colored jeans are the way to go! Whether dark blue, gray or black, the selection is really huge and dark denim is one of the biggest fashion trends for 2023 anyway.

is dark denim trendy fashion style outfit inspiration that will make you look slimmer

Something you should remember: the darker the trousers, the bigger the slimming effect. Since strong dyes are usually used during production, dark denim also requires special care when washing. Otherwise, your new jeans won’t look so good after a few washes and after all we want to avoid that, don’t we? And when it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. Whether in a monochrome look with dark tops or with a neon-colored shirt blouse, dark jeans can be combined in many different ways and always look fabulous.

Does high-waisted jeans make you look slim?

does high-waisted jeans make you look slim hide belly fat fashion trick

The low-rise jeans are back this year, but they really emphasize our figure. High-waisted jeans, on the other hand, are all the rage right now and are a great way to hide your belly with your clothes. To make the jeans look good on you, opt for something with a waistband that ends just above the waist. Another advantage of high-waisted jeans is that they draw attention to the waist and not to the strong thighs. Just sounds like the perfect pair of women’s jeans that makes us slim, doesn’t it?

Try wearing straight-leg jeans in 2023!

straight-leg jeans fashion trends 2023 how to wear them outfit inspiration

And of course, straight-leg jeans are on our list of slimming jeans. So if you want to visually stretch your legs and make them look longer, then you should definitely get these. The evenly narrow and vertical cut elongates the figure and makes us look much slimmer overall. Reach for high-waisted jeans in dark color and, ideally, wear high heels.

Boyfriend jeans for curvy women

boyfriend jeans for curvy women how to wear them this year

Yes, you read it right! You can also perfectly conceal your larger thighs with casual boyfriend jeans! In contrast to the super tight skinny jeans, they are wonderfully comfortable, and the wide cut perfectly balances the silhouette. If you have slim ankles, you can show them off by simply rolling up your trousers. Boyfriend jeans can be combined particularly well with elegant high heels and pumps. Not only do we look super great with them, but our body looks amazing as well! However, the top should not be too long, as this will make the silhouette too bulky. If you want to hide back fat, we have all the tips and tricks for that.

Which jeans make you look slim? Try flared jeans!

flared jeans outfits inspiration fashion tips in 2023

Flared jeans are not for women with larger thighs? But we see it differently! Typically, the flared pants have a narrower cut, which runs around the thighs to the ankles in a slightly wider line and this is exactly what creates the perfect balance. As a result, the figure is visually stretched and we look a few pounds slimmer. To make your legs appear longer, it’s best to combine flared jeans with heels.

flared jeans for curvy women outfit inspiration fashion 2023

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