4 homemade interior ideas: Creative and easy DIY decorations!

by Kremy

Do you want to refresh your interior without making radical changes, but you are lacking ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today, our editors deliver the right dose of inspiration you need to transform your home in small ways. So, discover our homemade interior ideas without further delay and get motivated to create! It is not necessary to have specific skills to complete the DIY projects below. Let’s go!

4 homemade interior ideas to achieve easily and quickly

homemade interior ideas DIY decorations

How to make home decorations without spending too much money and without much effort? To personalize your interior, hide an ugly wall and give it some zest, several options are available to you and you will certainly discover the one that suits your desires and your style best. Don’t wait any longer and take a look at our 4 cute proposals below!

DIY home entrance decoration to bring empty walls to life

home entry decoration how to create an original wall decoration


Are the walls in your entryway empty and sad? Are you ready to create an original wall decoration that gives a feeling of well-being? Then we’ll show you how to add a natural touch to your entryway and enjoy a comforting atmosphere. To achieve this, first get some green paint (color of your choice), thin dish sponges, a paper plate and a damp cloth. Cover the floor with newspaper or an old sheet to protect it from splashes. Then, put on gloves to protect your hands.

how to create an original wall decoration homemade interior ideas tutorial

Put paint in the paper plate and examine your wall carefully to determine which end you will start with. Then, soak the side part of the sponge in the paint and make stripes following the example in the images above. Make sure they are level. Make sure not to use too much paint as it will run. In such case, use the damp cloth to wipe off the drops.

homemade interior ideas DIY original wall decoration

Once the wall is dry, move on to choosing the right decorative elements. Our editors recommend that you first install wall hooks of your choice. It is also important choose minimalist designs to avoid overloading the space. Then, think of green theme paintings and choose their size according to the wall. That’s it, your handmade interior decoration is ready! As a bonus, we also advise you to add some indoor green plants to further enhance the biophilic decoration.

Easy homemade decoration idea: A recycled mini bar for evenings with friends

inexpensive home decorating idea diy recycled mini bar wallpaper

Our homemade interior ideas continue with a playful proposal that many of you will certainly appreciate. Do you have an old cabinet lying around somewhere in the house? Don’t hesitate to give it a second life by transforming it into a mini bar cabinet. All you need to do is clean the cabinet well and get some wallpaper of your choice. Then, renovate its doors (or the entire piece of furniture) with the chosen wallpaper and don’t forget to change the handles as well.

Decoration tip: Choose wallpaper with graphic or geometric patterns to energize your interior.

Inexpensive homemade interior ideas: A creative vase with a nautical look

how to make home decorations ideas DIY vase jute rope

Here is a cheap DIY decoration idea to invite summer into your interior! First, buy an inexpensive vase and some jute rope. To create a really creative piece, we recommend that you opt for different patterns of jute rope. Then, all you have to do is glue it around the vase using a hot glue gun and you’re done!

DIY interior decoration: Geometric wall shelves

homemade decoration easy ideas interior decor DIY hexagon wall shelves

How to create an original and practical wall decoration at the same time? We show you a great idea that you can see in the image above. You can store some books or your cacti and succulents. Find out how to make these stylish wall shelves in the following paragraphs.

diy wall shelves cheap homemade interior ideas

Get six pine wood planks, each the same length. Then nail them together to create a hexagon. To do this, use a nail gun or a hammer and nails. Then, take wood putty to fill the spaces between the planks. Sand the wood filler with sandpaper until a smooth surface is achieved. Using a brush, apply a coat of wood stain to the exterior and sides.

affordable homemade interior ideas DIY wall shelves

Now carefully paint the inside of the hexagon in your chosen color and let it dry well. Finally, attach a hanging bracket and hang your new shelf on the wall.



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