20+ Easy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day: Check out these last-minute ideas to try!

by Gabby

There are 2 days left until Valentine’s Day 2023. I am pretty sure we are all very excited, but some of us (like me) can feel a little anxious. You want to know why? Well, I already had my nails done with some cute heart decorations, but the question of what I want to do with my hair is still there. If you are a busy bee, and have no time to visit the hair salon, you probably need some ideas! I got you! Today we are going to see some easy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day that will make you look amazing!

Easy Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day: How to look stunning last minute?

easy hairstyles for valentine's day tutorial ideas 2023

Many women are looking for hairdo inspiration now that February has officially begun, so they can experiment in the days before February 14. This day is another chance for everyone, whether they are single or engaged, to take care of their appearance and go out and have fun. Women can get fashion, shoe, accessory, cosmetic, and hairstyle inspiration from several romantic comedies from the 1990s and 2000s. You don’t need to use a lot of style tools, though, to look incredible. You can change up your appearance with a braid, a ponytail, or a bun. Let’s check out these easy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day!

Easy Romantic hairstyles for 14th of February

If you are feeling romantic this year, and you are planning to celebrate, let me inspire you with these hairstyles. If you want something a little bit different, I suggest you try one of these hair tutorials. It is perfect if you have long hair and if you don’t, you can always use some hair extensions. A little advice: these hairstyles will not look the same if your hair is lacking volume. You can check how to add volume naturally to your hair at home, without going to the hairdresser. Then, you can proceed with the Boho hairstyle perfection.

Easy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day: We love braids!

I am a huge fan of the braids. There is something super magical about them that makes your hair look super different and chic. Did I learn how to make every single type of braids out there? The truth is that I don’t have the time. However, everyone can spear 10 minutes to check 15 different types of braids that you can do for Valentine’s Day. If you are not wearing something flashy, you can experiment with your hair instead and do something cool in 2023.

Messy bun Valentine’s Day edition

easy hairstyles for long hair valentine's day 2023


A bun will forever be a sophisticated way to put up your hair. It gives a more elegant look to your mane. But for this February 14, choose a more casual and not too tight one. If you have a dinner invitation from your sweetheart and are planning to wear a sexy dress or perhaps a suit, you won’t go wrong if you go for a messy bun. Instead of grabbing all of your hair, you can leave one strand hanging to the left or right. And at the same time, weave a few strands around the bun itself to make it more casual and interesting than the ordinary one.

Easy hairstyles for Valentine’s Day: Hair bow

hair bow accessory hairstyles for valentines day romantic ideas

Whether you choose to go for a ponytail, or a braid, finish off the hairstyle with the right accessory is a must. These hair bows became super popular lately and we love them. For example, you can combine it with a satin dress with thin straps or one made of fine knit. A colorful bow can add sophistication to your hairstyle. If you need more inspiration, check out some of the most romantic hairstyles in 2023.

Old Hollywood hairstyle: Elegant waves

old hollywood hairstyles jessica rabbit waves valentine's day 2023

Curling our hair is always a good idea when we have to go out. We just grab our curling iron and do a quick easy hairstyle. But does it always have to look the same? Now, even some larger Velcro rollers will do a nicer job. With them, you’ll get bigger romantic waves – the kind worn by many famous ladies like Nicole Scherzinger, J-Lo and others. These Old Hollywood type of waves even remind me of Jessica Rabbit’s hairstyle, and we know she can be sexy. For an accent, you can add some pearl pins on one side.

High ponytail for a sophisticated Valentine’s Day look

ponytails hairstyles 2023 zendaya high or low is the new trend

The voluminous hairstyle were all that the “it girls” of the 60s were wearing. The good news is that this type of hairstyles are coming back nowadays, and they look amazing! The question is: A low or a high ponytail to wear this Valentine’s Day? Back then as I already mentioned, high ponytails, toupees and side-swept hair marked a peak. This may just be your inspiration! If you want to blow your hair out, you can tie half of it in a high ponytail first. But instead of showing the elastic, wrap a lock of hair around it and secure with a thin black bobby pin.

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