What type of bob for round face to choose? 15 takes on bob hairstyles to make you look slimmer

by Kristiyana

Bob hairstyles are a timeless classic that look great on any face shape. If you have a round face, bob haircuts can help you create the perfect balance of structure and softness. From choppy bobs to sleek angled cuts, there are many styles to choose from in order to enhance your best features and minimize the ones you don’t love as much. In this article, we will discuss some of the most flattering bob hairstyles for a round face so that you can find the perfect one for your unique look! Are you interested?

Chin-length bob for round faces


Let’s start our top picks for bob haircuts for round faces with this chic chin-length bob with curtain bangs. This hairstyle can instantly transform the shape of your face. The bob will hide your double chin, and if you add layers that skim the face, they will balance out your natural features. Complete the bob cut with a set of curtain bangs.

Asymmetrical platinum bob hairstyle



What about trying a beautiful asymmetrical platinum bob hairstyle? This bob cut will make you look younger, and with the platinum balayage, your hairstyle will look even more vibrant. The asymmetrical bob cut is suitable for all ages.

Chin-length curly bob for chubby cheeks


Looking for a bob cut for a round face that is suitable for curly hair? Try this chin-length bob! This hairstyle visually distributes the chubbiness of your cheeks. Plus, it’s super youthful and girly.

Cute wavy brunette short bob


And what about this super cute wavy brunette bob haircut for a round face? Again cut at chin-length, this hairstyle is very youthful and low-maintenance. Opt for a dark brunette hair colour to match your skin tone.

Sleek blonde lob cut for over 40



Bob hairstyles are known to be super versatile, and can work for women of all ages. This sleek blonde lob (long bob) cut would look amazing on women over 40 with a round face. The longer lengths of the haircut slim and elongate the face, while the stunning blonde colour gives this cut more vibrancy and style.

Brunette one-length bob for round face


Another fabulous brunette bob cut for a round face! This one-length bob will suit girls who have fullness on the ends of their face. The hairstyle balances out the face and is very easy to style.

Silver asymmetrical wavy lob haircut


Oh, I just love stylish silver hairstyles, don’t you? This wavy asymmetrical lob haircut not only hides your chubby cheeks, but the silver dye makes the hairstyle even more eye-catching. What’s not to love here?

French bob cut with bangs for round face


And we can’t miss out on the classic French bob cut with bangs now, can we? If you are going for this hairstyle and have a chubbier face, make sure to cut your hair at the jawline. This will elongate the face and make it seem less round.

Neck-length choppy blonde bob cut

Neck-length choppy-bob-in-modern-blonde-tone

Do you have a round face and fine hair? Then this neck-length choppy blonde bob would be ideal for you! This bob cut will add texture and movement to your hair, while the beautiful blonde tone will make the hairstyle even more chic.

Bob cut for round face with glasses


Happen to wear glasses and have a rounder face shape? Then why not try this mesmerizing graduated red bob haircut? Make sure to get it cut asymmetrically in the front to distract from the roundness of your face. You can also add bangs to soften your face shape.

Side-parted bob for round faces


A side-parted bob haircut with a brunette balayage? Don’t mind if I do! To balance out a round face shape, look to add dimension in your new bob hairstyle with a mesmerizing balayage. Wear it side-parted for an even more stylish look.

Classic bob haircut with bangs


And of course, where are we without the classic bob cut with bangs? Ideal for a round face, and looks even more sexy if you wear it straight. This bob cut takes away the roundness from your face since the hair goes past the chin. With this cut, you will need a trim every 5–6 weeks.

Shaggy pixie bob for chubby cheeks


This shaggy pixie bob haircut is super cute and youthful! Plus, as you can see, it looks great on girls with round faces and glasses. The bob draws attention to your natural face features, and gives you an artsy vibe. Love it!

Brunette long bob for a round face


Expert hairstylists say that the best bob length for a round face shape would be one cut just below the chin in order to elongate it. Opting for a deep side part along with light face-framing highlights on brunette hair will highlight the features of your beautiful round face.

Sleek blonde bob cut for over 50


And lastly but by no means least, if you are over 50 and have a round face, go with this chic sleek blonde bob haircut! Style it in a deep side-part with the addition of some highlights and lowlights to achieve dimension. This hairstyle would look best on straight hair.

These bob hairstyles are a great choice for anyone looking to frame their round face and add texture and dimension to their hair. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and straight, or textured with lots of volume and movement, there’s sure to be a bob style that fits your needs. So make your choice and hit the salon!


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