What are the WORST Hairstyles for Round Faces? – 5 Hairdos That Will Make You Look Chubbier!

by Stephanie Yankova

Round faces have really soft features, which gives women with this face shape a really youthful and feminine appearance. While your softened angles are naturally aesthetically pleasing, your hairstyle is what’s really going to either make or break your look. What are the worst hairstyles for round faces? Learn the biggest DOs and DON’Ts for a flawless zero-regrets hairdo every single time! 

drew barrymore long wavy blond hair worst hairstyles round faces

Is Long Hair Bad for Round Faces?

A round-shaped face is characterized by having an even length-to-width ratio and soft, rounded features. While long hair appears universally flattering on this face shape, you should avoid using a curling wand to style your long locks. These curls naturally go outwards, which will optically expand your face horizontally. If you still want to give your hair a wavy appearance, it’s better to use a saltwater hair spray or a texturizing mousse to give your hair soft beachy waves. Round faces are best suited for long straight hair. That way your hairstyle takes away some of your face’s width and makes it appear slimmer and more elongated.

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Is Short Hair Bad for Round Faces?

ginger hair short pixie round face worst hairstyles


The short answer is no – short hair isn’t bad for round faces. In fact, short hairstyles can give this face shape a more angular and symmetrical appearance. However, one haircut you should avoid is the short pixie. It will make your face look even more plump and highlight the roundness of your cheeks. Instead, you can opt for an A-line bob or a lob which will help flatter your soft features.

Worst Hairstyles for Round Faces

short pixie bangs root volume worst hairstyle round face shape

As we already mentioned, short pixie cuts are a no-go zone for those with round faces. A more specific shape you should steer away from is the voluminous French pixie with bangs. This multi-layered hairstyle creates a lot of dimension in your roots which will give your face an even more rounded appearance. The choppy long bangs, on the other hand, will cut your face shorter and make your cheeks and chin appear wider.

Side Swept Straight Bangs

short side swept bangs unflattering hairstyles round faces

Another big NO for round faces are the straight bangs. As tempting as it may be to go for this bold chop, this hairdo is one you will most definitely end up regretting. Straight bangs make round-shaped faces appear much smaller and chubbier as they literally hide half of your face. Even if you decide to wear them swept to the side to open up your face a little, you’ll end up with a sideways rectangle that will also make your face look fleshier than it actually is.

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Middle Height or Low Ponytail

middle height ponytail worst hairstyle round face women

If you have long hair it’s inevitable to have moments when you would want to tie your hair up. The issue for those with round faces is to make that updo look flattering. Why does this struggle exist in the first place? Well, slicked back ponytails, while having a slight lifting effect, expose your face entirely. They highlight the roundness of your features and rid your hair of any dimension. If you want to achieve a flattering look with this hairstyle, there are two hacks you can try. The first one is to tie a high ponytail and use a texturizing spray to add volume to the ponytail. This way you’re adding some height to your hair which will give you an elongated appearance. The second hack is to pull out a few hair strands on both sides at the front of your face. These hairpieces will frame your face and take away some of the horizontal roundness of your face making it look more slender.

Mullet Haircut

mullet haircut worst hairstyles women round face

There are polarizing opinions on the mullet, however, we can’t deny its phenomenal breakthrough over the course of the last two years. It’s modern, edgy and will definitely make you stand out in the crowd and turn a few heads. If you have a round face, and you’ve been considering giving the mullet a go, we advise you to take a step back and reassess this decision, because you might end up regretting it. The reason why the mullet doesn’t suit this face shape is because it has a lot of short layers. This will only further enhance the roundness of your facial features and make you appear fleshier.

One Length Haircut

one length haircut worst hairstyles women round face shape

Another unflattering hairstyle for those with rounded faces are the single length cuts. The pros of this haircut are that it adds a lot of volume, which a great choice if you have thinning hair. When it comes to round faces, however, volume is something you should be really careful with as it can make your face appear small and plump. Not only that, but one length haircuts also have an aging effect, which will counteract with the youthfulness that the round face exudes.

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