September Nail Colors 2023: TOP 6 End of Summer Manicure Shades to Try Right Now!

by Stephanie Yankova

September is here, the seasons are changing, and it’s time to whip out our earthy fall nail polish shades! It’s Virgo season which means that this month’s colors are all about breathing a cleansing, calming, and grounding energy into our lives! Gear up for your next mani appointment with the trendiest September nail colors for 2023!

What are the Trendiest September Nail Colors 2023?

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The most popular nail polish colors for the end of the summer are typically characterized by muted, earthy shades and pastel tones that give your hands a refined and minimalist appearance. As far as nail shape goes, square and oval nails are becoming more and more popular for fall, as opposed to the almond shape that dominated during the summer. Let’s take a look at the trendiest nail polish colors for the month of September according to specialists! Which one of these shades would you choose?

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Galaxy Navy Blue

galaxy navy blue manicure september nail colors 2023


Each month has its own assigned color that best characterizes the specific energy and feeling that it radiates. Deep blue is the color of September, and blue sapphire is its birthstone. It symbolizes purity, and wisdom and reflects the colors of the late summer midnight sky. This galaxy navy blue nail polish perfectly encapsulates the essence of September’s magical native color.

Champagne Shimmer

champagne shimmer september nail colors 2023

This month we’re taking the nude manicures up a notch with this elegant champagne shimmer color. It’s soft, elegant, effortless, and fits perfectly every skin tone, nail shape, and occasion! This nail polish color has subtle frost and glitter particles which makes it your ideal partner in crime for both day and nighttime wear!

Burnt Orange

burnt orange september nail polish color trend 2023

Is autumn really here if we don’t get a burnt orange manicure at least once? It’s vibrant, fiery, yet classy and minimalist. This nail polish shade is everything you could ask for when it comes to fall manicure. It gives you the right amount of color pop without being too overwhelming and will complement your freshly tanned post-summer skin flawlessly!

Glossy Sage Green

glossy sage green nails september manicure color 2023

Whatever the weather, I can never get enough of having green nails! It could be the Virgo in me, but I am here for it all – pastel, neon, emerald, pine, olive, and more! This September the shade that’s taking over the green nail polish throne is none other than the sage! Elegant and earthy, this color is the perfect choice for the fall that will give you the “clean girl aesthetic” look with a seasonal twist!

Hot Chocolate

brown chocolate september nail polish 2023

This soft, creamy chocolate brown is such a rich nail polish color that will instantly give your hands an elevated appearance. I highly recommend this color to people who have a cool or neutral undertone, as well as tanned or dark skin. It will flatter your complexion and give you that “old money” effortlessly elegant look.

Mocha Nude Brown

mocha nude brown nail polish september manicure colors 2023

Last but definitely not least – the mocha nails! This nail polish color loved by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez became the latest obsession that took social media by storm! The mocha nails appear to be a soft nude with mahogany tones, like a slightly elevated nude. The final touch is the glossy top that gives the nails that glazed donut look we all grew to love!

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