Nail Colors for Warm Undertones: How to Pick The Best One?

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How do you pick your nail polish color? Do you go for what’s best for the season, or you always choose your favorite shades? It turns out that there are colors that suit our skin tone better than others. So, what are the nail colors for warm undertones? How to choose the best one for yourself?

Nail Colors for Warm Undertones: How to Pick The Best One?

nail colors for warm undertones

To choose the right nail polish color is always a big problem for women. A lot of thoughts go through our head at once, and when we settle on something we like – BOOM, the new trend is here and we want to try it too (you know the struggle…). But, if you end up with something that you don’t like, you will have to change it. And practically speaking, that will take time and money, so we definitely want to avoid that!

It’s easy to match our nail polish shade to our mood and the season, but have you ever tried matching it to your skin tone? That’s certainly the winning strategy as you can’t go wrong with such shades. However, the different skin tones have different undertones. Today, we’re going to focus on the warm undertone. Let’s see the shades that will make your skin glow!

Is My Skin Undertone Warm?

First, you have to make sure that you truly have a warm undertone. As you know, there are 4 main skin tones – fair, light, medium and dark. But these 4 skin tones, also have undertones, which are cool, warm and neutral. For most people it is easy to tell them apart, but don’t worry. To make sure that your skin undertone is warm, we have prepared 3 tests that you can do at home!

  • Test 1: The first test is super easy and most people go for this one. Take a look at your veins. If they appear green, you have a warm undertone.
  • Test 2: Take a white sheet of paper and grab your mirror. Place the sheet next to your face. If your skin appears a bit yellow or peachy next to the sheet, then you have a warm undertone.
  • Test 3: Take some silver and golden jewelry. If the golden jewelry looks more flattering on you, then you have a warm undertone.

what is my skin undertone tests 2023


The Best Nail Polish Colors for Warm Undertones

the best nail polish colors for warm skin undertones

So, for my beauties with a warm skin undertone, it is safe to say that you are lucky! We spend hours under the sun in the Summer, trying to get your natural sun-kissed tan, while you can enjoy it all year round. For your skin undertone, we can say that almost everything looks good on your. But, if you want to know THE BEST nail polish colors then the earthy tones are the one for you! Another great thing here is that they are an absolute hit this year not only in fashion and interior design, but in the manicure world as well. If you want to make your skin look even better, opt for colors like orange, amber, brown, sage green, olive green, etc. Everything that you can relate to the earth and nature is going to look amazing on your fingernails.

Red Nail Polish Color for Warm Undertones

red nail polish colors for warm skin undertones

According to the nail specialists, this year the best red nail polish color for warm skin undertones would be the wine red. Wine red nails are all over the Internet currently, because they are a total hit for the Fall season 2023. There are several red wine nail polishes to choose from. For the ladies with a warm undertone, opt for something warmer and deeper, such as the Malaga Wine O.P.I nail polish.

2023 Fall Nail Polish Colors for Warm Skin Undertones

2023 fall nail polish colors for warm skin undertones

The best Fall nail polish colors for warm skin undertones are the ones that remind us of our favorite hot beverages. Have you heard about latte nails? Well, you can create a lot of nail designs with these colors. If you want to spice things up a bit, opt for a muted pumpkin orange color, as shown on the photo. Doesn’t it remind you of the pumpkin spiced lattes you are about to drink this Fall 2023? Mmmm… simply delicious! So, your goal is to opt for colors like cappuccino, espresso, tiramisu, chai latte, etc…

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What Nail Polish Goes with Medium Warm Skin Tone?

There isn’t only one particular answer to this question. According to the nail art experts, it is best to opt for nail polish colors that also have a warm undertone, since it is going to highlight your skin tone and make it look absolutely stunning. As we mentioned, go for colors that are earthy, warm and spicy. These shades are the one that we are going to see this Fall, so you are not only going to highlight your skin tone, but you will be in sync with the trends!

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how to choose a nail polish color according to my skin undertone


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