How to Continue to Wear Summer Clothes in September-October? See in 15+ Beautiful Summer/Fall Outfits!

by Kristiyana

The orange heat wave vigilance affecting 14 departments since last Friday finally ended this morning! However, temperatures this month will remain relatively high for the season. The ideal opportunity to continue wearing your summer clothes in September, or even October! But what clothes, exactly? Which pieces to keep and which to store away from your fall wardrobe? The stylists give you some combinations and outfit ideas to help you dress well when it’s 23 degrees (or more) at the start of the school year.

How to Wear Summer Clothes in September When It’s 23 Degrees or More?

how to wear your summer clothes in september 2023 ideas combinations summer fall fashion

After summer 2023 comes Indian summer 2023! So, no need to take off your summer clothes! Give them a second life this September with our advice and ideas for suitable outfits. Because some summer clothes don’t need sun or sea to brighten up your back-to-school style. This is particularly the case for the crochet dress, the satin skirt, the crop top, the paper bag shorts, the denim mini-skirt and even the straw hat and swimsuit! See for yourself!

How to Wear the Summer Dress in September?

how to wear the satin summer dress slip dress skirt in september october 2023


Not ready to put away your slip dress or skirt yet? Do not panic! You can very easily extend their stay in the fall wardrobe. Just rely on а few basic pieces! To continue wearing your satin summer dress in September, or even during fall, simply combine it with a logo t-shirt or a trendy fall women’s jacket. Long trench coat, an oversized blazer, wool overshirt, printed bomber, varsity jacket, knit cardigan… you are spoiled for choice. Same goes for the satin midi skirt.

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fashion tips to continue to wear the long crochet summer dress at back to school september fall 2023

As for the crochet dress, very popular this summer 2023, it will continue its fashionable rise in fall-winter to give you style and spruce up your daily looks. In fact, it is considered a super comfortable piece of clothing to adopt during very hot days, but also very popular during the cold months. Finally, the ideal choice for dressing well in September when it’s 23 degrees or more. Wear it with a good basic underneath: a skirt, a crop top, a lace bralette or even cycling shorts. For your feet, combine your long or mid-length crochet dress with sandals, sneakers or even cowboy boots for a chic and practical festival outfit.

Combining the Mini Skirt/Shorts in September & October

how to wear shorts back to school september 2023 fall when it is 23 degrees

Maybe for some, it’s not a new thing, but the mini skirt can be worn all year round, summer and winter, at the beach and in the street. To continue wearing it this month of September, imagine it with your fall-winter fashion essentials. Our favourite combo? A pleated mini skirt with an oversized jumper or cardigan, all accompanied by a pair of trendy leather boots. Same story for summer shorts. Whether they are Bermuda shorts, cargo or cycling; in cotton, denim or even leather, shorts make a winning duo with military rangers and thigh-high boots in autumn.

How to Wear Summer Clothes in September: The Crop Top

how to wear a crop top for back to school 2023 fall women’s fashion outfit ideas

Just because we’ve just celebrated the start of the 2023 school year doesn’t mean you have to give up your summer crop tops! Throw them on over your leather jacket, a black blazer or a wool vest to take them with you into winter. On the bottom side, opt for trendy high-waisted jeans or cargo pants. With a denim midi skirt, the crop top will be ideal if you are tired of pants.

Wearing a Two-piece Swimsuit in Fall 2023

how to wear a bikini top swimsuit in fall when it’s hot september 2023

The flashy bra and thong have long been seen as a fashion faux pas to be avoided. However, for several seasons, they have been largely reserved for stylish evening outfits for it-girls. This summer, they have made their way into our summer wardrobe to spice up our daytime pieces. A strappy bikini top under a pretty oversized blazer or a black lace bralette under an unbuttoned shirt. What do you think of prolonging the sunny days in September-October? The ultimate fashion rule for continuing to wear your bikinis after the start of the school year is to focus on oversized and masculine pieces. The idea? Play down their slightly too sensual look.

How to Wear the Summer Straw Hat in September?

how to wear a straw hat in autumn clothing accessories to wear in september when it is hot

Although not as common as in June, July and August, wearing a straw hat in September is a great way to add a summer touch to your mid-season outfit. Contrary to what you may think, this legendary headwear goes wonderfully with faux leather pieces. A trench coat, a blazer, pants or shorts would be perfect. It’s up to you to try to create a summer/fall mix to die for!

Sequin summer dress with a trench coat

how to wear a summer dress in september when it is 23 degrees autumn

Trending visible lingerie under a mesh set

visible lingerie trend fashion summer 2023 to adopt in september autumn when it is hot

Denim mini skirt & oversized jumper in September 2023

how to wear shorts in september october when it is hot fashion trend fall 2023

Fashion September 2023: Crop top, wide leg jeans, sandals & knitted vest

fashion trends september 2023 clothing summer pieces ideas outfits to wear when it is hot

Satin slip dress under a wide jumper for fall 2023

slip skirt summer skirt to wear in september october fall 2023 when it is hot

Logo sweatshirt, mini shorts & Birkenstocks when it’s 23 degrees in September

summer pieces to wear in september fall when it’s hot heatwave

Crop top & pleated pants for an outfit suitable for the hot September weather

how to wear a crop top in september when it is 23 degrees fashion trend summer pieces to wear in autumn

One-piece swimsuit and leather pants – a sharp summer-autumn mix

how to wear a summer mini skirt in autumn

Summer clothes to wear in September 2023: T-shirt under a long dress & sandals

how to wear a summer dress in fall back to school 2023 september when it is hot

Leather shorts, sailor top & heeled pumps for the perfect office look for September

how to wear a short skirt in fall 2023 back to school september

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