Oversized Jeans: How to Style the Biggest Fashion Trend of Autumn 2023

by Kristiyana

One of the coolest and most comfortable jeans trends continues to hold the top position for autumn 2023. We’re talking about oversized jeans – the pair you should definitely consider for the coming season!

oversized jeans how do you best style the fashion trend for autumn 2023

Curious about the type of jeans that will dominate the upcoming fashion seasons? Looking for the perfect pair to look completely fabulous in? Then you’ve come just to the right place! The baggy jeans fashion trend, with its loose silhouette and wide legs, is experiencing its next heyday in autumn 2023. But if you’re still wondering how to integrate these jeans into your autumn wardrobe, we’ll show you inspiring ways to combine oversized jeans and create great outfits worthy of envy.

How to Pair Oversized Jeans – Outfit Ideas for Autumn 2023

how to combine oversized jeans outfit ideas for fall 2023


With so much nostalgic 90s fashion making a triumphant return to our wardrobes – from cardigans to chunky shoes – it’s no surprise that baggy jeans will once again take centre stage in the autumn 2023 fashion trends. And why? Because, oversized jeans have a “cool factor” that adds a fresh and relaxed vibe to any outfit. Plus, they haven’t been reserved for sneakers and t-shirts for a long time (although that look is still so great), but quite the opposite! They can also be paired with more formal garments – like elegant blazers and high heels. Have a look at some great outfit ideas we’ve put together just for you!

Mix Leather and Denim for a Cool Look

mix leather and denim for a cool look

This look is a perfect example of how you can combine street style with elegance to create a great, urban outfit that blends the two styles together.

So, combine a pair of high-waisted oversized jeans with a leather shirt and a leather bomber in black. To elongate your silhouette and your legs, wear high-heeled boots with them. However, avoid chunky shoes to keep a balance between the elegant and street style elements of the outfit. Complete the look with a black leather handbag with a punk flair.

This outfit is extremely chic and comfortable at the same time, suitable for a bar, a city stroll, a gallery visit or even to wear to the office, as long as you pick jeans that have no holes in them.

Oversized Jeans with Jumper and Boots in White

oversized jeans with sweater and boots in white

The simple combination of jeans and a jumper looks infinitely cool when an oversized pair and white pointy boots with high heels are added to the equation. This outfit can work very well for ladies with wide hips. Firstly, because high boots elongate your silhouette. And secondly, because the fitted jumper together with the wide-leg jeans accentuate your waist – the narrowest part of the figure – and distract from your hips.

Baggy Jeans with Loafers and Elegant Shirt

baggy jeans with loafers and elegant shirt for an autumn look

These grey baggy jeans can create a very polished look when you pair them with a smart black shirt that is slightly sheer and loafers (with socks!). Complete the outfit with an elegant handbag and you have the perfect autumn ensemble.

In this particular case, the grey jeans – with their flared legs and frayed pattern – give the outfit a fresh touch. But you can also create a monochrome look with an all-black pair of oversized jeans. This will take your outfit in a more formal direction, but you can lighten it up with the right accessories. For example, add a colourful hair scarf and hoop earrings for a dose of colour and creativity!

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Wear with Leather Blazer and Chic Flats

take a white t shirt and oversized jeans combination to the next level by pairing them with a leather blazer

Take the combination of a white t-shirt and oversized jeans to the next level by pairing it with an oversized leather blazer, an oversized handbag and chic flats.

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Bring a Jacket and Pumps Into Play

how to style oversized jeans bring jackets and pumps into play

Light-coloured jeans are often considered a more casual piece of clothing (especially a pair with wide legs). However, with a sophisticated jacket and trendy pumps, the outfit becomes an instant head-turner!

create contrasts in your outfit by combining casual and formal elements in a balanced way

To create this look, feel free to experiment with colours from both the light and dark ranges – both combinations are extremely tasteful and trendy. A thin jumper with a collar to complement a jacket, and jeans is also a great idea! Remember that creating contrasts in an outfit by combining casual and formal elements in a creative and balanced way is always a guarantee for fashion success!


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