2022 Summer Fashion Trends for Men: Look at These New Styling Ideas!

by Kremy

The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to pump up your look. Leave the thick jackets and winter shoes in the closet because it’s summertime. Wondering what are the summer 2022 fashion trends to watch and refresh your wardrobe? We have done the work and found the coolest 2022 summer fashion trends for men. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sun. Here’s our guide what to wear this summer.

2022 Summer Fashion Trends for Men – Color Is a Must

Nice red t shirt fashion trend for men 2022

In 2022, fashion is all about standing out, so it’s not surprising that vibrant colors play a big role in the collections. When it comes to formal menswear, one usually thinks of a navy blue suit or a black trench coat, but some brands are going for different colors, such as red. This color is very intense, yet it goes with pretty much everything and can be easily combined with any neutral base color. Start by finding a bright red t-shirt and see how many times you can incorporate it into your outfit to make it stand out. Think of it as a kind of “spice” to your look.

Casual Summer Blazer with Structured Shoulders for Men

Summer Blazer Men Fashion trends Summer 2022


Dramatically structured shoulders instantly add strength to your silhouette and best of all, you can wear such a blazer when you need a little confidence boost. Some men’s fashion shows featured blazers, jackets, sweaters and even jumpsuits with structured shoulders in a variety of materials and hues.

A strong shoulder area can do something simple: upgrade your look immediately. This trend is also relatively easy to replicate. Add your own shoulder pads to an oversized blazer or find a vintage blazer.

All about life without sleeves

2022 Summer Fashion Trends For Men sleeveless vest

A whole bunch of designers started showing chic sleeveless vests, then other fashion gurus dedicated entire men’s collections to the power of the bare biceps.

 fashion trend for summer 2022 Beautiful sleeveless waistcoat

2022 summer fashion trends for men also include sleeveless knitted vests, smart waistcoats worn with nothing else, tailored sleeveless blazers and biker jackets.

2022 Summer Fashion Trends for Men – Wide Shorts

summer fashion trends 2022 Comfortable wide shorts

Many fashion gurus are saying that this season will be all about the oversized Bermuda shorts. You can find baggy shorts in clothing stores everywhere. Just choose a nice, summer color and the best fabric for you!

Be Chic at Work

Light suit for summer new fashion trends 2022

The work dress code has changed completely in recent years. While a gray or black suit with a white shirt used to be worn almost every day, many companies are now beginning to relax their dress code. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the most famous designers and fashion houses, that very often put the elegant suit at the center of their collections, have created the new 2022 summer fashion trends for men in a completely different way. You’ve chosen something chic and comfortable – suits that can be worn anywhere: on a quick visit to the corner store or in the office. The three-button suits made of light cotton and linen are unobtrusive and elegant.

Overalls are Making a Comeback

mens fashion trends summer 2022 Overalls making a comeback

Men’s overalls are making a big comeback this season. Most often, overalls are inspired by the workwear outfit, but this time the jumpsuit is transformed from the oversized, utilitarian style to a cropped version. The outfit is modern and casual and you will feel perfect no matter where you are – in the city or at the seaside with friends. A well-dressed gentleman always leaves a good impression!

2022 Summer Fashion Trends for Men: White Shirts

Fashion trends summer 2022 white mens shirt

We firmly believe that a man cannot own too many shirts. The most important one of all is a white long sleeve shirt. It’s no longer just the standard uniform of bankers, lawyers and doctors and this chic piece is in high demand. You should definitely have this classic in your closet because it goes perfectly with anything.

A white long-sleeved shirt is a great choice at any time of the year and can take you from the office to dinner with ease. In summer you can always opt for a linen shirt, which is breathable and can be combined with light-colored chinos and moccasins.

Navy Blue Shorts are a Must-have for Every Man

Trendy navy blue shorts for summer

The last thing you want when the temperatures are high in summer is your legs trapped in thick fabric. Fight the heat and make a stylish impression with trendy shorts.

The trick is to choose a classic color. Tailored blue shorts always look great on vacation and are a real eye-catcher to spice up your look. You can also combine them with an elegant shirt or t-shirt.

Men’s Fashion Trends 2022: Black and White

2022 Fashion Trends for Men Black white summer shirts

The classic combination of these two contrasting colors is making a comeback and nothing could be more elegant. Expect simplicity with this color palette, but bolder guys can take black and white to new heights with little experiments.




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