How to Store Strawberries in Mason Jar So That They Stay Fresh & Delicious?

by Radost P.

How to keep your strawberries fresh for the upcoming weeks, by storing them into a mason jar?

Here’s How to Properly Store Strawberries in Mason Jars for a Flavorful Taste!

store strawberries in mason jar with water

Strawberries can be used for various different desserts, yet nothing can compare to the taste you get when you eat them raw. Here is everything you need to know about keeping those tasty berries fresh, while keeping them into a glass jar!

Discard Bad Berries

discard bad strawberries


When you are selecting strawberries to buy, make sure that you inspect them carefully in order to make sure that you only take the best ones. Berries that are ripe or bruised should not be left in the mason jar.

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How Long to Keep Strawberries in a Jar?

how long to keep berries in a jar

Once you put the fruits into a jar, keep them there for a maximum of 3 weeks. If you still have not eaten all berries till then, you could put them into the freezer. These strawberries will be perfect for making delicious smoothies when you want to refresh yourself!

How to Choose the Right Jar?

how to choose the right jar for storing strawberries

It does not really matter what kind of jar you choose to use, as long as it is large enough to contain all the berries. You could take an old spaghetti sauce jar or a pickle jar. Make sure that you have washed them properly so that there is no remaining sauce or pickle taste.

Can You Leave Strawberries Unrefrigerated?

can i leave berries out of the fridge

In case you have already cut the berries, you can definitely leave them out of the fridge, yet just for about two hours. Otherwise, they might lose their good taste and freshness. If the strawberries are still not washed or cut, you can keep them unrefrigerated for up to one or two days maximum.

Don’t Forget to Check for Condensation

check for condensation

If you notice that there is a lot of condensation into the glass jar (especially throughout the first day or two after leaving the berries there), you should get rid of it. In this way, the fruits will be kept fresh for as long as possible.

How to Keep Your Strawberries Fresh in a Jar?

how to keep strawberries fresh in a jar

Use a bowl to wash the strawberries before cutting them and putting them into the mason jar. For this purpose, you could use about 10 cups of water and ¼ cup of white vinegar and let the berries soak into the solution for a maximum of 2 minutes.

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Tips on Storing Strawberries

Experts suggest putting the glass jar in the coldest area of your fridge and using a clean and thoroughly dried container.


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