Top 10 Slimming Haircuts for Women Over 50 with Chubby Round Faces

by Kremy

A haircut can completely transform a woman’s appearance. The wrong one makes the face look older or fuller, while the right one can make any woman look her best regardless of weight and age. Find out the top 10 slimming haircuts for women over 50 with chubby faces! With these hairstyles you can visually narrow the face and conceal wide cheeks or double chin.

What Are the Best Slimming Haircuts for Women Over 50 with Round Face?

top 10 slimming haircuts for women over 50 with chubby faces

For plus size women, choosing the right haircut is essential. An experienced hairdresser can transform your face beyond recognition. As mentioned above, the main goal of slimming haircuts for women over 50 with chubby faces is to elongate the face and reduce the width of wide cheeks so that the round shape appears more oval.

It is obvious that women with chubby faces should avoid hairstyles that emphasize the disproportion of the facial features. In addition, mature ladies should avoid hairstyles that make them look older as well. So, avoid ear-length curly hairstyles as they make the wide part of your face even wider. Voluminous side strands are unlikely to suit you. As far as bangs are concerned, blunt, baby and see through bangs are definitely not good for you.

Is Pixie Haircut Suitable for Chubby Faces?

is pixie haircut suitable for chubby faces


The short answer is YES. BUT! Let’s get to the “but”. Not every pixie haircut is suitable for 50-year-old women with chubby faces. A classic short pixie that exposes the face, emphasizes the oval of the face and highlights the wide cheeks is definitely NOT a good choice. Which pixie hairstyle is suitable for mature women with chubby face? A long pixie with long bangs is a great haircut that will make your face look slimmer.

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Medium Length Shag with Long Bangs

best slimming haircuts for women over 50 medium length shag with long bangs

Shag haircuts look great on both young girls and older women. To elongate the silhouette of your round face, opt for a shag haircut with long layered bangs.

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Long Bob with Side Bangs

top slimming haircuts for women over 50 long bob with side bangs

A long bob with side bangs is among the top slimming haircuts for women over 50 with chubby faces. The bangs that fall over the face make it visually narrower and hide the wide cheeks. In addition, this is a low maintenance hairstyle and you do not need to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day.

Medium Length Layered Haircut

best slimming haircuts for women over 50 medium length layered haircut

This medium length layered haircut is versatile and always looks stylish. It is a great choice for chubby face because. The elongated strands reaching chin length or just below, make the face look slimmer. Make sure to avoid layers that end at the ears as they accent your cheeks.

Medium Length Haircut with Face Framing Layers

slimming haircuts for chubby face medium length haircut with face framing layers

Layered haircuts visually elongate the face and are among the most flattering and slimming hairstyles for women over 50. The optimal hair length is at or a little below the shoulders. The face framing layers will make the face visually thinner.

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyle with Side Bangs

slimming haircuts for women over 50 shoulder length layered hairstyle with bangs

A layered haircut with side bangs is exceptionally feminine and can make a chubby face look slimmer. In addition, this haircut makes mature women look younger.

Slimming A-Line Bob Haircut for Women Over 50

slimming a line bob haircut for women over 50

An A-line bob is always stylish and a great hairstyle for women over 50 with chubby face.  It is shorter at and gradually gets longer towards the front. Opt for a side parted styling which is very flattering to your face.

Asymmetrical Lob

asymmetrical lob for chubby face

An asymmetrical lob (long bob) can transform a chubby face. There are not so many variations of the traditional bob, but the asymmetrical haircut stands out. Its main feature is the gradation of length. Due to the long front strands and the short strands at the back of the head, the face is visually elongated. This hairstyle makes facial features softer and is really flattering to women over 50.

Curly Long bob

slimming haircuts for women over 50 curly bob with bangs

A layered curly lob combines a trendy hairstyle and natural curls. The haircut is super chic and if the layers make the face look slimmer. A long curly bob will help to smooth out the facial features, as well as visually elongate a round chubby face.

What Are the Best Bangs for Chubby Face?

Last, but not least, we have to say a few words about bangs. This element of the haircut can be the main enemy of wide cheeks and chubby face. It is best if you opt for haircuts with long bangs that cover the forehead and go down hiding the chubby parts of the face so that it looks slimmer.

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