Sassy Hairstyles for Gray Hair Over 60: These Haircuts for Older Women Make You Younger!

by Kremy

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to settle for a boring haircut. Wild, cool and super trendy – sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60 make a fashion statement and make you look younger!

trendy pixie haircut for older women with gray hair

There is no age limit for a chic hairstyle and every woman, regardless of her age, wants to look beautiful and fresh. If you’re already a grandma, that doesn’t mean you should dress like one and can’t wear your hair in a smart way anymore. Do you feel the urge to make a visual change lately? Then do it and be inspired by our ideas for sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60.

Sassy Hairstyles for Gray Hair Over 60: The Coolest Looks for Older Women

sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60 long pixie cut for older women


Would you like a completely new look that immediately becomes an eye-catcher? Then you are in good hands with sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60. When it comes to fall hairstyle trends, “Grey is the new black” and we’re sure you’ll find your new favorite hairstyle right away.

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Short Pixie Haircut for Gray Hair

layered bob for women over 60 with gray hair

After a certain age, many women often decide to say goodbye to their long mane. And that’s a good thing, because the short pixie cut is definitely one of the coolest, sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60.

spiky pixie haircut for women over 60

The short hairstyle is the perfect way to express your self-confidence and makes you look at least 5 years younger in no time.

cool pixie haircut trendy hairstyle fall 2023 for women over 60 with gray hair

To get this “sassy” effect, don’t style your hair too neatly and instead go for the popular undone look. Styling it in the morning takes less than 10 minutes and gives you an extra dose of volume. What’s not to love about it?

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The Shaggy Pixie Haircut after 60

shaggy pixie with bangs for women over 60

Short hairstyles are not for everyone and require a lot of self-confidence. How about combining two of the season’s biggest trending hairstyles for a fashionable look?

bixie haircut for older women short hairstyles for gray hair

When it comes to sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60, the shaggy pixie haircut is our new favorite for fall 2023. The short hairstyle is characterized by several layers on the top of the head and looks great in a disheveled look. If you want to lose a few more years, you can style the shaggy pixie haircut with frayed bangs.

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Pixie with Undercut

pixie with undercut for older women sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60

Sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60 encourage us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.

pixie haircutfor older women 2023 trends fall

If you are not afraid of radical changes and like to stand out from the crowd even as you get older, then the razor is the tool of choice for you! The pixie with undercut has something rebellious about it, but still looks very elegant and classy. From punky to feminine to glamorous – the trendy hairstyle is super versatile and can be adapted to any face shape. A real all-rounder!

The Bixie for Women Over 60

asymmetrical pixie haircut assy hairstyles for gray hair over 60

Longer than a classic pixie, but also shorter than the bob – the bixie is currently trending and delivering the best of both worlds. While the bob often looks too strict, the pixie cut looks much more playful and relaxed. The result?

pixie with undercutfor women over 60 with gray hair

An indescribably cool look that has earned a permanent place among the most beautiful, sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60. And the best? Hair length gives us many different options when it comes to styling. Whether straight, in an undone look or with fine curls – the bixie haircut is never boring and is always an eye-catcher.

Layered Bob

sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60 bob for older women

Shorter, longer, with or without bangs or a chic bouncy bob – will the bob ever go out of fashion? Probably not! The classic hairstyle is constantly being reinvented and looks gorgeous on women of all ages.

asymmetrical hairstyles older women sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60

So if you are looking for sassy hairstyles for women over 60 and don’t want a short hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with a layered bob. The magic word is: layers!

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feathered bob older women assy hairstyles for gray hair over 60

The layered look radiates a cool casualness and makes you look younger and fresher. How long you wear your hair is entirely up to you and anything is possible.

trendy bob hairstyles for women over 60 to look younger

With the layered bob, it’s all about the right styling and the layers are particularly effective in an undone look or with beach waves. The popular blowout à la 90s also looks super cool and gives the hair an extra dose of dynamism and fullness.

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The Mullet for a Cool Look

mullet haircut for older women over 60 with gray hair

Sassy, cheeky, mullet! The cult hairstyle from the 80s is making a huge comeback this fall and is making our hearts beat faster. Admittedly, the look takes a bit of getting used to, but if you get involved with it, you certainly won’t regret it. The classic mullet is a layered haircut in which the hair is cut short at the front and longer at the back. In contrast to back then, the mullet doesn’t look as wild today, but is still a great option for a sassy hairstyle for gray hair over 60. Particularly cool? A mullet with wispy bangs looks like a real makeover and feels super modern.

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