What to Put in a Boo Basket: The BEST Halloween Gift Ever!

by Gabby

With Halloween being just around the corner, I’m sure you have already started with the preparation. Some people might think this holiday is only for the kids to enjoy “trick or treat” and all the candy that comes with it. However, if you are obsessed with the spooky season, you have to make sure everyone gets something that they can enjoy and be happy about! Have you made your boo baskets yet? What to put in a boo basket and what is it exactly?

what is a boo basket for halloween

What Is a Boo Basket?

The boo baskets are essential for Halloween, if you want to make your loved ones happy. Especially, if you manage to make a boo basket on your own and customize it, you can make the holiday memorable for your friends and family. The boo baskets are normally filled with candy, chocolate treats, spooky books, stickers, candles and different toys and it is the best Halloween gift. Of course, it all depends on from the receiver. If you are giving it to a kid, you have to make sure you get all the things that they love. However, the boo basket can be made for an adult as well. Check out what to put inside if you are going to give it to your girlfriend/boyfriend or to a child and how to decorate it!

halloween boo basket 2023 ideas for a kid


What to Put in a Boo Basket?

So, the big question: what exactly do we put in a boo basket? As you already know and you can tell by the name, it should be filled with everything Halloween related. Depending on who are you giving it to, you can easily customize it with different things. The boo baskets are most often made for children, and that’s why most of them are filled with chocolate and candy. But, you can also make it more fun and put things like:

  • Halloween books
  • Ghost, pumpkin, bats, witches toys
  • Spooky stickers
  • Coloring books
  • Halloween mug or water bottle
  • A blanket
  • Crayons, water paint, markers, pens
  • Socks for Halloween
  • Pajamas
  • Halloween decorations

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what to put in a boo basket for a child ideas halloween treats decoration toys

Halloween Boo Basket for a Girlfriend

halloween boo basket for her girlfriend

You can surprise your girlfriend or your best friend with a boo basket for Halloween and make it extra special this year. There are several makeup brands that offer Halloween collections and we know that every girl loves it! You can add Autumn scented candles, coffee mugs, a Starbucks gift card, a perfume, socks, blanket, skincare, and a bunch of treats that they love. You can decorate it with a fake spiderweb, spiders and cute tiny ghosts.

Halloween Boo Basket for a Boyfriend

boo basket for him boyfriend edition halloween gift

Making a boo basket for a boyfriend can be a little trickier. You don’t want to make it too childish or girly, but you want it to be in sync with the holiday spirit. We highly recommend going for something in theme and picking a basket that he can use for something else later on. Like this golden skull can be a perfect decoration for Halloween. You can customize the boo basket by putting his favorite drink inside. You can also make sure you put chocolate treats, socks, a perfume that he loves, chips, a picture of you and him from the last Halloween (if this is not your first one together), etc.

Now, go ahead and check out the rest of the ideas on how to decorate a boo basket for Halloween and what to put inside. We have prepared some of the best ones in 2023!

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Boo Basket Decoration Ideas for Halloween 2023

boo basket for girls toddlers 2023 halloween decoration

Simple Boo Basket for Her

simple boo basket idea for her 2023

Luxury Boo Basket for a Girlfriend: Halloween Gift Idea

luxury boo basket for her girlfriend 2023

Boo Basket for a Toddler with Books and Treats

what goes in a boo basket for a baby or toddler

Fun Boo Basket Idea for Kids

cute and fun boo basket 2023

Reusable Picnic Boo Basket Idea for a Girl

cute halloween boo basket idea reusable

Hocus Pocus Boo Basket with Spooky Eyes

boo basket for toddler ideas spooky eyes

Simple Boo Basket Idea for a Boy

boo basket for him teenager edition

Boo Basket Idea for a Mother

boo basket idea for a mother

Boo Basket with Slippers for Her

halloween 2023 boo basket for her with slippers and treats

Boo Basket Halloween Gift for Him

boo basket idea for him 2023 how to decorate it

Cute Boo Basket Halloween Gift Idea for Her

boo basket idea for a best friend

Big Boo Basket for Toddlers

halloween boo basket to make for your toddler

Witch’s Cauldron Boo Basket Idea for Halloween

witches cauldron boo basket idea

DIY Boo Basket for Children

how to decorate a boo basket for halloween 2023

Very Cute Boo Basket for a Girlfriend with a Stuffed Animal

boo basket for her 2023 simple ideas stuff to put inside

Spider Boo Basket with Elmo

spider and elmo boo basket idea for kids

Boo Basket Idea for a Boy 2023

boo basket idea for a toddler boy halloween 2023

Boo Basket Idea for Girl Twins

boo basket for girls halloween 2023 pink

Halloween Boo Basket for a Baby

stuff to put in a boo basket for kids

Minimalistic Boo Basket Idea

minimalistic boo basket for a child ideas


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