Asymmetrical Pixie Cut: Here’s How to Enhance Your Look! Complete Guide for Women Aged 30 to 60

by Kremy

Who can wear the asymmetrical pixie cut? Does it have a rejuvenating effect or is it reserved for young people? Can you cut your hair short without taking into account face shape and hair type? Check out the complete guide below and all the variations of the pixie to find the one that suits you perfectly.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut: Who Is It for?

asymmetrical pixie cut for 60 year old women

The pixie is one of the most popular cuts among women of all ages and for good reason. With around ten variations, it has the ability to suit everyone. Among its greatest advantages are that it adds volume to fine hair, refines round faces and brings symmetry to triangular faces. Do you have a dense mane? No worries! In this case, by cutting your lengths, you will ensure an incredible feeling of lightness and freedom. When it comes to age, there are no limits either. So get inspired by the photo gallery and find the style that will bring you a breath of fresh air in fall-winter 2023.

How to Wear an Asymmetrical Pixie at 30?

black hair with white strands that frame the face

If you are in your 20s or 30s, the asymmetrical pixie will give you a shaggier look. You can also call it punk, especially if you play with colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold tones like pink and purple, or opt for darker shades like brown or black. Everything is allowed, even a few white strands framing the face, as in the photo above. This contrast will emphasize your eyes, so it’s worth a try.

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Short Asymmetrical Haircut at 40

40 year old woman with short asymmetrical hair

At the age of 40, you will have to say goodbye to garish colors. At least if your goal is to look classy and sophisticated. Blue, green and all bright shades will highlight the wrinkles that appear. Instead, try a layered pixie with side bangs. It’s chic and will visually elongate your face making it appear slimmer.

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Short Hair for 50 Year Old Women

chef silvena rowe with a voluminous pixie cut

The secret to looking younger after 50 is closely linked to hair color. The best you can do is to revive your hair by cutting it short and adopting a very trendy blonde shade that matches your skin tone. This will also help you hide gray hairs. Speaking of asymmetrical pixies, we decided to share with you this bold look from chef Silvena Rowe. Inspired by the pompadour cut, this variation will give you a more extravagant and courageous look which will certainly make you forget your wrinkles.

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Asymmetrical Pixie Cut at 60

short haircut woman 50 year old blonde

The asymmetrical pixie can be achieved not only by combining the cut with long side bangs, but also by changing the hair parting. This is what we recommend after the age of 60. Of course, this style can be adopted by older or younger women, but for you, it will be more than a new hairstyle. It will add volume to fine hair while creating the illusion of a greater hair mass.

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What Products Should You Use to Maintain It?

Here’s a video that shows how to properly dry your hair after washing and style it in less than 5 minutes. You need a hairdryer, a paddle brush, and your styling product of choice. But don’t buy just any product, especially if your hair is colored. Make sure it doesn’t contain sulfites, otherwise your blonde will turn more and more yellow over time and you’ll need to go to a colorist to fix it. Gel, mousse, powder or wax, whatever fixing you choose, also make sure that it is suitable for your scalp and hair.

But before scrolling through the gallery, we have to mention the downside of this haircut. Unfortunately, it requires more frequent visits to the hair salon. You can hide long hair that has lost its shape by twisting it into a bun, but here, that’s not possible. So, think twice before taking the plunge.

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Find Inspiration

short hair with long bangs

Bixie: a combination between the Pixie and the Square with a side parting

coupe pixie asymetrique blonde

The short cut provides a business and elegant look

short pixie hairstyle

Pixie cut with an undercut on black hair with long asymmetrical bangs

shaggy punk hairstyle woman 30 years old

Blonde pixie with dark roots — it’s a really big trend this year

blonde hair with black roots short haircut

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