Bixie haircut 2023 is the big trend to follow: The short hairstyle for fine hair

by Kremy

What is the best hairstyle for fine hair without volume that you should get when you’re 50 to stay on top of trends and give yourself a youthful look? As you probably already know, hairdressers recommend that 50-year-olds cut their hair short to give it more movement. Among the most popular haircuts include the bob and pixie haircut, which are the ultimate thin mane hair styles. They are trendy, chic, easy to maintain and we often have trouble deciding which one to go for. No more doubts, because a new hybrid hairstyle is currently making the buzz! Bixie haircut 2023 will be on everyone’s mind in the coming months. Discover our hot proposals for all ages.

What is the famous Bixie haircut and who is it best for?

hairstyles for fine hair pixie haircut with side bangs

As you may have already guessed, the Bixie haircut is a mix between the bob and the Pixie haircut – two hairstyles known for their ability to add volume to fine hair. And what happens when you combine them together? A well-groomed mane and an XXL volume to die for! This 2023 haircut trend guarantees you the volume of a short Pixie and the versatility of the bob. What does that mean exactly? There are several stylish variations and you will surely find the one that best suits your preferences. Now let’s see who can wear this hybrid haircut.

Good news: Bixie haircut 2023 is suitable for all hair types (especially fine manes) and all body types. Thanks to its versatility, every fashionable girl will find the variety that best flatters her facial features.

How do I get the Bixie haircut 2023?

haircut trend 2023 fine hair without volume bixie cut


A sophisticated mix that allows you to enjoy both sufficient length and a good dose of texture and movement, this short haircut for women over 50 is one to embrace without hesitation. The same goes for young girls! Given the many variations it offers, it’s best to first talk to your hairstylist to determine the style and length that will best suit your face type, as well as your lifestyle. We recommend that you select a few photos of the Bixie haircut you want to get and show them to your hairstylist. In this way, he will have a better idea of what you want, which guarantees you the best results. Further down in the article, you will find plenty of inspiration in pictures.

bixie haircut for curly hair hairstyle trends 2023

This 2023 trendy haircut is super easy to maintain, but you still need regular visits to the salon. Be aware that the Bixie haircut is all about good texture and layering in order to give your mane maximum volume. To recreate this look, the hairdresser will use scissors and a razor to achieve an XXL volume.

Bixie haircut 2023 with or without bangs? Current hair trends recommend bangs, especially at age 50, because it helps hide forehead wrinkles while energizing the hair. Take into account however that the fringe tends to become oily quicker and regular washing will be necessary.

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How to wear the Bixie haircut 2023?

short haircut woman 50 years old bixie haircut 2023 wavy effect side bangs

Being one of the top 2023 hairstyles for women at 50, the Bixie haircut is worn in several layers to maximize volume. If the hair texture allows it, adding side bangs would be a great option. Finally, opt for a wavy effect without heat to energize your mane while protecting it.

hairstyles for fine hair without volume bixie haircut 2023 with curtain bangs


No matter how old you are, curtain bangs are always welcome! Not only does it add structure to the cut, but it also gives the look an unmistakable retro feel. To style your curtain bangs, all you need is a round brush and a hair dryer on low heat. A straightener will also do the trick, but this tool tends to damage the hair.

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Very short Bixie haircut to stay cool this summer 2023

short hairstyle women 50 years old without volume bixie cut

Curtain bangs and soft waves best enhance THE trendy haircut of 2023

trendy hairstyle for fine hair without volume bixie haircut 2023

Thick curtain bangs and a disheveled effect to achieve a retro look

short hairstyle trends 2023 wavy bixie haircut

Bixie haircut 2023: The short hairstyle for fine hair to dare

bixie cut short hairstyle trends 2023

The more layers you create, the more dramatic the volume will be

short hairstyle for fine hair bixie cut with curtain bangs trendy 2023

The Bixie haircut is THE short hairstyle for women over 50 to get in 2023

hair trends 2023 women 50 years old bixie haircut short hairstyles for thin hair


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