The Bixie haircut is the new hair trend of the year! How to adopt this retro short cut in 2023?

by Anjelina

Are you planning to make a hair change this year? Are you hesitating between a daring short haircut and longer locks for more styling options? Then it’s likely you’re wavering between a bob and a pixie. How about getting the best of both worlds by adopting the Bixie haircut? This retro hair hybrid is coming back to our time to establish itself as the signature hairstyle of 2023. In the past, it has been a favorite of many celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Winona Ryder and royal fashion icon Princess Diana. Today, with the return of the retro wave, the Bixie cut is seducing more and more women and you, too, will find it hard to resist.

The Bixie haircut: a treasure for medium-length lovers

wet effect hair mousse trendy haircut short

The 90s are making a comeback as a major source of inspiration for both fashion and hairstyles. The Bixie haircut has once again found its place in the spotlight and looks set to rule in 2023. But before you rush off to the hairdresser, take the time to find out more about the new favorite of stars and bloggers.

The Bixie cut, what is it exactly?

elegant look short straight hair and bangs


“Bixie” is a hybrid formed by two haircut names you already know perfectly well. They are the Pixie and the Bob. As logic would have it, the Bixie cut combines the main features of these two famous cuts. The long fringe, the sides and front, as well as the layering – all inspired by the square and its versions. The look and shape, in general, are typical for the Pixie. In short, the Bixie cut is nothing more than a Pixie that’s just a little longer.

Is the Bixie cut for you?

Pixie Bob short hybrid trends 2023

This haircut offers incredible versatility when it comes to styling. You can wear it messy to complete your casual chic look, or side-parted with a hair accessory of your choice. It’s still possible to go for a sleek updo or just leave your curly hair natural. Feel free to experiment with the looks that inspire you to make the most of the Bixie cut and the many possibilities it offers.

short cut woman hybrid Pixie Bob purple color money piece fringe

The good news is that there’s no right or wrong way to wear this modern retro haircut. Whether you’re a fan of styling pomades or just prefer your natural texture, with Bixie customization is the name of the game.

What should you consider before adopting the Bixie?

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As with all short haircuts, before adopting the Bixie, it’s important to know that this hairstyle is engaging. So don’t hesitate to ask your stylist’s opinion on length, what hair care to use and what style is right for you. This way, you’ll end up with the perfect look for your face shape and hair type. Keep in mind that the Bixie is a hair choice that is best suited for those who would like a shorter cut than a bob, but are not ready to commit to a classic pixie.

Photo gallery for inspiration

trends in 2023 hairstyles short hair fashionable ideas

If you’re determined to adopt the Bixie cut in 2023 but you’re lacking inspiration, feel free to explore our photo gallery with plenty of options to choose from. Your new cut is just a click away.

Natural curly hair in this hybrid hairstyle from the 90s

curly pixie and bob combination for daring girls

The Bixie is a perfect choice to give volume to your hair

haircut Bixie coloring blond razor cut

Casual and chic – this is the Bixie cut of 2023

new short cut trend 2023 hair Pixie Bob

Feel free to experiment with length, layers and textures

retro vibes in 2023 bixie cut chopped

Micro bangs and contrasting lengths are a daring choice in high demand in 2023

bixie haircut trend 2023 Gigi Hadid

An elegant Bixie with side bangs

short haircut trend Bixie haircut Julianne Hough

A version more like the classic Pixie

Victoria Beckham fashionable short choppy hairstyle

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