Gray Lob: How the charming trendy hairstyle 2023 conquers the hearts of women of all ages

by Kremy

As you have probably already noticed, the bob hairstyle remains in trend and continues to give an attractive look to women in 2023. One of the most popular variations of the classic is the lob, i.e. the long bob, which, with its length up to the collarbone, is the perfect midpoint between long and short. In combination with the trendy gray, the hairstyle looks even more elegant and not only inspires women with their naturally gray hair, but also younger people who dye their hair gray. We present the Gray Lob as a trendy hairstyle for 2023.

Any shades of gray for the trendy hairstyle 2023

Ash gray in a long bob for women over 50

No matter in which color phase your hair is currently, i.e. whether it is still rather dark or already silvery and light,, the gray lob is always very flattering and can also be combined with monochrome styles or with a salt-and-pepper variation.

Gray lob with blonde undertone as transition color


The same applies to the texture of the hair: Do you wear your hair straight? No problem, the Gray Lob looks very elegant. Do you like it curly? Wonderful, because the curls not only bring out the gray color to its best advantage, but also add a certain zest to the long bob styling. However, subtle waves also look just as elegant and pretty in this trendy hairstyle for women.

The Gray Lob hairstyle for women – different styling options

Gray lob trendy hairstyle 2023 ideas

We have already mentioned that you can wear a gray long bob straight, curly or wavy as per your will. But this is by no means everything. If your shade of gray isn’t that flattering, or you want to achieve an even transition from previously dyed hair to your natural gray, you are of course allowed to add a little color to make your Gray Lob perfect.

Long bob with side parting and highlights

Of course, you can also experiment with the length. If the collarbone length is a little too long for you, just have it cut shorter. You should not overdo it with this haircut, otherwise you will no longer have a bob, because this is characterized by the fact that it is of the same length. However, some layers are allowed for a layered bob. An A-line gray lob looks very modern and you can also try an asymmetrical variation. We’ll show you a few options:

Lobs for gray hair – Cut curly hair a little longer

Gray lob for curls provides dimension and dynamics in hairstyling

Curls naturally contract as they dry, which makes them appear shorter. Keep that in mind when getting your hair cut. The hair should have a little more length when wet than if it were straight, in order to get the desired hair length in the end. In this example, however, you can see how the curly hair texture gives the gray lob depth and zest.

Subtle waves for playful elegance

Light silver grey with waves long bob hairstyle

Straight hair can be styled with a few waves every once in a while (don’t forget the heat spray!) to add variety to everyday life. The long bob is the perfect length for this because it doesn’t fall out as quickly as in long hair and the wavy tips frame the face perfectly.

Gray hair is popular and in trend with the younger generation

With bangs for a playful look

Gray lob with bangs and face framing light strands

Whether you want to use bangs to hide any wrinkles on your forehead or simply add a playful accent to your look, bangs simply go wonderfully with the long bob hairstyle. Here you have the choice between classic straight cut or more subtle wispy bangs. It’s best to consult your hairstylist about what would best suit your face shape.

In the example, the face-framing effect of the wispy curtain bangs was further emphasized by light strands at the front. The so-called face framing is ideal for flattering your facial features.

The Gray Lob styled elegantly and smoothly, with or without an A-line

Style Gray Lob straight for an elegant look

If the bob is simply straight, it really looks very elegant and even more so with the silvery shimmer of the gray hair. The straight styling is suitable for any occasion and can also be complemented by the sleek look. Even tying the straight hair into a low ponytail will make you look elegant but with a slightly playful touch.

Gray Lob The Sleek Long Bob A Line haircut

With the straight version (but not only), the A-line looks very elegant and modern. The longer front strands of hair frame the face while the cut at the nape is airier. But you can also determine the angle yourself. So the difference in length between the front and the back doesn’t have to be extreme if you don’t want it to be.

With blonde balayage

Gray Lob with blonde highlights

Blonde is often incorporated into the gray lob for an even transition, creating an interesting effect. But other shades can also be chosen to create effective accents and a certain depth. For example, strawberry blonde is very popular, or the already mentioned Salt and Pepper, which allows you to dye dark hair gray. Just because you want to stop dyeing doesn’t mean you have to put up with the unsightly, grown-out roots. There are great alternatives that you can discuss with your colorist.

Layered Gray Lob Hairstyle

Layered long bob styling for women over 60

Same-length is a little too boring for you? Add a few subtle layers, but not too many so you don’t suddenly end up with a shag. The slightly layered look that this creates makes both a wavy hairstyle and the smooth look a bit more dynamic and is particularly well accented by the grey. In this case, too, some depth can be added to the hair with a play of colors. For example, leave the top hair lighter and the bottom hair darker.

Shoulder length bob hairstyle with layers and gray tones

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