How to Make Salt and Pepper Hair Look Good? Tips for Guaranteed Results Plus Hairstyle Ideas!

by Kristiyana

A gray hair here, a slightly darker one there, oh what a mess! Don’t you just hate it when your silver hairs start growing out and your hairstyle comes to look uneven? I mean, yeah, let’s age with grace, but no one said we should leave our hair as one chaotic pile of uneven tones! There must be something we could do to make our ageing hair look better, right? Come to think of it, I might have a few tips and ideas that can help in this situation. What to find out what they are? Then hop on and let’s learn how to make salt and pepper hair look good and stylish, plus get some fabulous hairstyle ideas!

What is salt and pepper hair?

tips for salt and ppeper hair_advice for salt and pepper hair

Before going into details, on how to make salt and pepper hair look good, let’s first explain what it is and how is it achieved. Salt and pepper hair is when your gray hairs begin to appear and depending on your natural hair colour, they create a mix of dark, gray or white hair, hence salt and pepper. It is a completely natural process that no person should be ashamed of, as it often comes that even when you are of a young age, you get silver streaks in your hair. Lately, the salt and pepper hair has become a huge trend as a lot of celebrities like actress Andie MacDowell, and celebrity hair colourist Jack Martin have been promoting the stylish and graceful hairstyle. Silver is a precious metal, so having some in your hair should be looked upon as a jewel. Don’t you agree?

How to make salt and pepper hair look good?

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_salt and pepper hair care tips


While this hairstyle is without a doubt fabulous and trendy, it does involve some care and technique to keep it looking good. Depending on what tones you want to get for your salt and pepper hair, you will need to undergo a bleaching process. Better to always visit a salon instead of doing it at home, even though that is also a plausible option. Women who have naturally lighter hair will have an easier time getting the cut. Whereas those with darker hair will have to undergo a heavier bleaching process so that the gray and white hues can highlight the darker tones of the hair.

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_before and after salt and pepper hair

How to make salt and pepper hair look good? Firstly, before you go to wash your newly bleached salt streaks, massage your scalp with a blend of essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, or lavender. Do this 20 minutes before hitting the shower. The blend will help with strengthening the bleached hair and with hair growth. Secondly, try a sulfate-free shampoo that will help with the damage done to your hair. And lastly, you should always remember to use a quality conditioner to keep your hair most and shiny! The conditioner will also help with the frizziness of the bleached hair.

salt and pepper hair_salt and pepper hair ideas

Purple shampoo is used for toning. If you have more salt in your hair, you can use a purple shampoo once a week to highlight your whither tones and get rid of the yellow ones. With more pepper, better to use a blue shampoo to battle unwanted blue-toned pigments in the hair.

Salt and pepper fabulous hairstyles ideas

Now that you are aware of how to make your salt and pepper hair look good, let’s look at some fabulous hairstyle ideas! Try this gray and white balayage for a stylish take on the salt and pepper hair trend! Plus, this gray and black hairstyle can look good for anyone from the ages of 20 to 60. Rock it girl!

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_face framing salt and pepper hair

Most often, the gray hairs tend to first arise around the temples. You can use this to your advantage and enhance their look with face-framing highlights. Elegant and glamorous, this salt and pepper hairdo will definitely put you in the spotlight!

straightened sliced long bob_salt and pepper bob

Modern and chic, the salt and pepper straightened sliced long bob shows off your silver highlights with elegance and grace. Perfect hairstyle for anyone who is looking for something low-maintenance, but trendy at the same time.

long and wavy salt and pepper hair_how to take care of salt and pepper hair

Oh, I just love this one! If you prefer growing out your hair long, you can easily go for this salt and pepper wavy look. Very natural and youthful, perfect for anyone with a sunny and free-spirited attitude.

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_smokey gray curls

When you have really curly hair, and some gray hairs start to disrupt your natural hair colour, you can always go for the salt and pepper smokey curls! Who said trendy hairstyles had to be mostly for straight hair? Not me!

salt and pepper pixie bob_hairstyles for women over 50

Ever thought about combining both a pixie cut and a bob into one hairstyle? Who knew the outcome would be so stunning! If silver streaks start to appear in your hair, and you want to fully embrace them, go for the big cut and achieve this amazing short hairdo!
reverse gray ombre_salt and pepper hairstyles

Ah yes, the reverse ombre! One of the trendiest salt and pepper hairstyles, add additional silver tones in your hair to achieve this look. Salty roots and pepper lengths!

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_gray curly hairstyles

Definitely one I would try, as I have curly hair. Get the thick salt and pepper curls for a foxy and stylish appearance! The gray tones in the dark hair just highlight the curls’ thickness and give it a look of additional hair volume.

how to make salt and pepper hair look good_gray highlights on brunette hair

When you have darer hair and your first grays start to appear, that can uneven your hairstyle and make it seem messy. Go for the gray highlights for brunette hair to soften your silvery streaks by adding additional gray tones to match them. Very stylish, and can make you appear younger!

Hopefully by now, you know how to make salt and pepper hair look good, and have picked out the perfect hairstyle you would like to try! Remember to always first consult your hairstylist/colourist before making the cut or dye, and to bring pictures of what you would like it to look like. Have fun girls!

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