Asymmetrical Cut for Women over 70: What are the Benefits of Getting it + Trendy Looks and Ideas!

by Anjelina

Haircuts for elderly women are usually chosen with the idea of having an overall rejuvenating effect, adding volume to the hair and covering up some of the imperfections that time leaves on the skin. In today’s article, we are going to look at a very successful hairstyle option that manages to meet all these needs and solve many of the age-related problems that often arise. We are talking about the asymmetrical cut for women over 70. Let’s find out what makes it so suitable for women at this age, and at the same time so preferred nowadays!

What is an asymmetrical haircut?

аsymmetrical cut for women over 70 inspiring ideas

The asymmetrical cut is a transition from short to longer locks and there are many ways to achieve it. In general, it is characterized by a so-called asymmetry in the length of the hair on both sides, which is usually not common. As a result, the hairstyle gives a unique and fashionable look, and its biggest advantage is that thanks to it ladies can improve the shape of their face and make it look more proportional. For women over 70, the asymmetrical cut is an ideal option as it refreshes, rejuvenates and complements the image.

What are the benefits of getting an asymmetrical haircut at the age of 70?

what are the benefits of getting an asymmetric haircut at the age of 70


The asymmetrical haircut is suitable for practically everyone, regardless of face shape, hair length and texture. When you’re over 70, it’s normal for your hair to start thinning, which can cause a lot of discomfort, but luckily asymmetry makes thin strands look thicker and gives them texture. It’s also extremely easy to maintain the hair, and it actually looks great even without styling.

unconventional haircut asymmetric for elderly women

The unconventional haircut rejuvenates the look and harmonizes the facial proportions, as we already mentioned. Thanks to the asymmetry, the hairstyle looks modern, bold, yet elegant and relaxed.

How often should you get a trim if you have an asymmetric haircut?

If you opt for an asymmetrical hairstyle, you won’t need to visit the hairdresser often to get your hair cut again. In fact, it all depends on your personal preference for length and how fast your hair grows. Typically, women with asymmetrical haircuts can wait up to 2 months (7-8 weeks) before cutting their hair again.

Asymmetrical cut for women over 70: Inspiring looks

short asymmetric haircut women over 70 gray hair

We have prepared some great looks with asymmetrical haircuts for women over 70 to prove to you that the days of old-fashioned and boring hairstyles are long in the past. And in fact, with your hair you can express your personality and style. Age is just a number that should not limit you in any way. Let’s now take a look at a few trendy asymmetry options!

Short asymmetrical cut for naturally curly hair

short asymmetrical cut for naturally curly hair

If your hair is naturally curly, you should be very happy with it. Fundamentally, curls create visual volume, which is of utmost importance when you’re at an advanced age. A short asymmetrical cut will bring out the best of your curly hair because it will concentrate even more volume at the top of your head. It will also give you a very youthful, fresh and modern look!

Asymmetrical cut with long side bangs

asymmetrical cut with long side bangs rejuvenating effect

Combine the asymmetrical short haircut with long side bangs to further complement your look. Bangs are generally much preferred because of the rejuvenating effect they have. What is more, they also manage to highlight your eyes and the best features of your face. As for hair color, you can try platinum blonde, which suits most elderly women.

Asymmetrical shaved pixie for daring women over 70

asymmetrical shaved pixie for daring women over 70

We give you an example of an asymmetrical hairstyle that is bold, daring and trendy! Who says you have to go for some boring haircut when you’re over 70? On the contrary, show the world that you have your own unique style. The asymmetrical shaved pixie isn’t just for young women – as we can see from the photo above, this beauty in her old age is breaking all stereotypes and enjoying her new look. If this is your thing, then give your inner sensation a chance!

Sleek angled side part bob

sleek angled side part bob asymmetrical

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s both classy and trendy, the angled side part bob is definitely worth considering. It looks great on straight hair, as that’s when the beautiful angle at which the hair is cut is most visible. Overall, the haircut frames the face in a very elegant way that is extremely age appropriate. A bob haircut is generally highly recommended for women over 70.

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