Evergreen Tree for Privacy – Consider These 6 Fast Growing Species

by Radost P.

If your house is situated very close to your neighbors, it is understandable that you may want to provide the best privacy for your home. You wouldn’t want to be bothered by noises or even someone talking, while taking a nap, right? Some people don’t prefer to invest in fences, and so they go for other alternatives. A good and popular option is to plant an evergreen tree for privacy purposes. Fortunately, there are many kinds of trees that can function as a border between houses. The question is which are the fastest growing ones? Find out in today’s article!

Evergreen Tree for Privacy – Which is the Fastest Growing One?

evergreen tree for privacy evergreen trees for privacy purposes fast growing evergreen trees best trees for your yard

Imagine that you just bought a new house and your neighbors happen to be noisy, what would you do? Evergreen trees provide privacy for your home and isolate the noise that comes from the streets. This might be especially important for introverts who want to protect their solitude. The specific growing conditions might depend on the certain type of tree, yet one thing is sure – trees love the sun. So, make sure that they can get enough of sunlight most of the day. If you want to get ideas about beautiful and evergreen trees to plant in your garden, keep on reading.

Fastest Growing Tree – Leyland Cypress

evergreen tree for privacy leyalnd cypress evergreen trees for privacy purposes fast growing evergreen trees best trees for your yard


This is the classic evergreen tree that homeowners plant when it comes to privacy. Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing tree that provides a great look for your garden. According to experts in this sphere, Leyland Cypress can reach between 40 and 60 feet (12.19 and 18.29 meters) tall. While there are trees that need about 15 years to offer true privacy, this type can do that for 5 years.

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Japanese Cedar

leyland cypress japanese cedar silver maple eastern red cedar hybrid poplar

The Japanese Cedar is a dark green tree that provides a great contrast to plants with blue leaves. To grow this kind of evergreen, you need to make sure that there is a well-drained soil and sun. Generally, a Japanese Cedar can reach approximately 50 to 60 feet tall. In terms of care, the good thing is that this tree is low-maintenance.

Fast-Growing Evergreen Tree for Privacy – Silver Maple

how to choose a fast growing evergreen tree for privacy red cedar the fastest growing evergreen trees to plant this year

The Silver Maple tree is most commonly found in North America and is known to grow rapidly. Yet, this kind can adapt to different environments and areas. Typically, the evergreen adds about 2–3 feet per year, and you can expect to grow to 60 feet in height. Silver Maples have large leaves that can protect your property against winds.

Eastern Red Cedar

leyland cypress how to plant fastest growing evergreen tree japanese cedar silver maple eastern red cedar hybrid poplar

The Eastern Red Cedar is one of the fast-growing evergreen trees that can provide a vibrant look for your garden or yard. The great thing is that this kind is tolerant to heat and cold. Besides, Eastern Red Cedars are durable and easy to grow in all types of soil.

Best Evergreen Tree for Privacy – Superior Hybrid Poplar

how to choose a fast growing evergreen tree for privacy the fastest growing evergreen trees to plant this year

If you want to provide a shade for your house, this might be the right tree to plant. Hybrid Poplars typically grow around 5–8 feet per year, and they’re disease-resistant. You can expect to see beautiful and large leaves at fall. So, if you want an extremely fast-growing and attractive tree, this is it.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

emerald green arborvitae leyland cypress types of cedar for your garden silver maple eastern red cedar hybrid poplar

Emerald Green Arborvitae is a low-maintenance evergreen tree that is resistant to high temperatures and diseases. Besides, if you happen to have a smaller yard, this might be a great option for you. The tree can grow up to 10–15 feet tall.

What Are The Benefits of Planting Evergreen Trees in Your Garden?

If you are still wondering whether you need to plant evergreen trees in your yard, consider some of the benefits. The greatest one is that the air quality around you will improve. I guess that you want to get rid of pollutants, like carbon dioxide, right? Besides, when the weather gets bad, evergreen trees can function as a block to winds. So, as you can see, they can have more functions than just providing privacy for your home. Lastly, having evergreen trees in your garden offers shelter and comfort for birds. As a result, you provide opportunity for a healthy ecosystem to develop.

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In conclusion, no matter if you have a small or spacious garden, privacy is something that shouldn’t be neglected. No one would want to hear the noises from the street on a relaxing Saturday evening. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t prefer the fence option, no worries! There are other options – you could plant an evergreen tree that’ll protect your house from windy weather too! We know that it is important for you to choose a fast-growing one. Due to this reason, we collected 6 ideas that may help you in your journey of planting an evergreen tree!


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