Lemon Print: Find Out How To Wear It This Spring/Summer 2023!

by Gabby

One of my favorite mottos is “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”! This phrase is so cliché for most people, people it can seriously improve the way you see things. Speaking of lemons, today they will be the the star of the show! You already know that I am not here to teach you lessons on how to live… I am here to speak fashion! Lemont print is back on the trend map and we are loving it! How to wear the lemon print in spring/summer season 2023? Let me give you some ideas!

lemon print 2023 is it still in style fashion ideas

Lemon print: How to wear it this spring/summer season 2023?

lemon print dress spring summer fashion ideas 2023


Are you familiar with one of the most gorgeous fashion prints out there for the spring/summer season? You have probably seen it, since many fashion designers were brave enough to show it on the catwalks. One of the main brands that started doing the lemon print is Dolce and Gabbana. This print became the hit as one of their most popular collections back in 2016.

This type of print has such a radiant and happy vibe. Just by looking at it, I can imagine myself walking around a small town in Italy. If you are planning on going to a vacation, you are definitely should NOT miss out on the opportunity of wearing a lemon print dress. Now, let’s check out what are the current trends!

Lemont print dress: Classical white

lemon print dress with flowers spring fashion trends 2023

Can you imagine wearing something that screams “SUMMER” more than this dress does? It has a beautiful combination of yellow flowers and lemons. The green leaves are making the yellow color pop out even more. It can highlight your skin tone perfectly. This is the perfect dress for a beach party!

Lemon print dress in black

lemon print dress in black summer fashion trends outfit ideas 2023

The lemon print can be very versatile and you can wear it not only in white, but also in black. The perfect example is this black lemon print dress with cut-outs on the sides. You can match it with a green bag for a pop of color. The best shoes for this type of outfit are the summer espadrilles. They will never go out of style and you will be not only fashionable, but you can feel super comfortable while wearing them.

sofia vergara dolce and gabbana lemon print dress

Sofia Vergara is also a fan of this print. She is wearing a black lemon print dress matched with a classical black designer bag. The dress looks flattering and elegant. It could be worn during nighttime as well, if you are planning a dinner or even a special event.

Lemon print swimsuit

lemon print swimsuit 2023 summer fashion trends ideas beachwear

Even though this summer we are going to see a lot of the one-piece retro style swimsuits, the high-waisted bikini takes its revenge and a lot of it-girls are stepping in and wearing it proudly. If you have problems around the belly area, this is the perfect way to hide them! The lemon print will make your bikini look extra trendy and fun.

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Lemon print top

lemon print top how to dress this summer 2023

Do you need a summer top that you can wear with anything? I think you found it! This lemon top print can be worn with jeans, which can be a casual outfit for a date. Another way you can wear it is with denim short, skirts, or a simple white pants. If you want to get a monochromatic outfit, you can match the top with a lemon print pair of pants or shorts. What you can notice on the picture are the earrings, I’m sure! The accessories are really important, so make sure not to skip on them!

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Other lemon print inspirations

dolce and gabbana lemon print dress collection fashion trends

Lemon print dress for women over 50

lemon print dress for women over 50 outfit inspiration for the summer

The perfect summer outfit idea 2023

summer outfit 2023 lemon print trendy chic and cute

Jill Biden Lemon print dress

jill biden lemon print dress oscar de la renta

Monochrome outfit: Lemon print style

monochrome outfit look with lemon print

Backless summer dress

backless summer dress with lemon print 2023

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