How to Choose the Best Swim Dress for Women Over 50 – 15 Models for Ladies with and without Curves

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How to choose the best swim dress for women over 50? Are these models suitable for curvy women only? We know how difficult it is to find the perfect bathing suit for the beach season and probably you are in the same situation – browsing through pages and on-line shops looking for something that you like. Let’s look at the different options for fantastic swim dresses suitable for curvy and slender women!

What Is a Swim Dress?

the best swim dress for women over 50 flattering models for ladies with and without curves

You may think that a swim dress looks like a tankini and you will be right. The difference is that it has the silhouette of a dress rather than a tank top. If you have never had such a dress, you may wonder what do you wear under a swim dress? There are designs that come with sewn-in panties which makes them a one piece swimsuit. Many swim dresses come on their own and you can wear them with shorts, bikini bottom or whatever you like.

What Are the Advantages of Swim Dresses for Women Over 50?

what are the advantages of swim dresses for women over 50


As you know a swim dress is something between a dress and s swimsuit. The main feature of this type of swimsuits is the skirt, which may be slightly longer or shorter, as well as straight or flared. The designs vary significantly in colors, prints and style but all models offer the same advantages.

The main advantage of a swim dress is that it allows you to hide some imperfections. Swim dresses are perfect for curvy women who want to hide their belly for whatever reason – extra pound, c-cut scar, etc.

Another advantage of swim dresses is that they are versatile and suitable for slim women as well. If you like beach activities like volleyball or other games, the dress is a perfect choice as you can move freely and you will be certain that everything is covered and kept at its place. You do not need to worry that your breasts will pop out while you run, jump or swim.

swimdresses for women over 50 versatile bathing suit for slim and curvy women

Some people might tell you that swim dresses are old fashioned and do not look sexy and attractive. Well, we do not agree. A swim dress for women over 50 can be just as sexy and attractive as any bikini model!

An undeniable advantage of swim dresses is that they are versatile and suitable for all body shapes. They are comfortable, beautiful and original and cover not only the belly, but the top of the thighs and buttocks.

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How to Choose the Best Swim Dress for Women Over 50?

how to choose the best swim dress for women over 50

To have a superb look in your swimwear, you need to emphasize your advantages and take into account your body shape. For example, a square neckline will visually reduce the shoulders. These are the most flattering models for older women:

Swim Dresses with Push Up Top

swim dress with push up top for women over 50

If you are looking for a swimsuit to make your breasts look bigger, a swim dresses with push up top is the perfect choice for you. A built-in bra and removable inserts visually add volume to the bust.

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The Best Swim Dress for Women Over 50 – Flattering V Neckline Tops

v neckline tops are flattering swimsuits for mature women

The v neckline is super flattering for mature women and works for curvy ladies with big bust and women with wide hips. This is the perfect model for pear shaped body. The wide straps shape an inverted triangle neckline which balances the shoulders and wide hips.

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Halter Top Swim Dress

halter top swim dress for women over 50

Halter tops are ideal for women who want to make their breasts visually bigger because they lift the boobs up and gives them shape and volume. The advantage of halter tops compared to preset hook closures is that you can control the straps. Ladies of any age look sexy and attractive in a swim dress with halter top.

Wrap Front Swim Dress

wrap front swim dress best models for women over 50

Wrap front swim dresses look very elegant. Usually they are designed with a cross-front bodice and flare skirt. With a flattering v-neckline top, these models are perfect for bust enhancement and may have removable cups. Additional decorations like front waistband ruches into the side seam add visual interest to the swimsuit.


best swimdresses for women over 50

Handkerchief Hem and V-neckline Swim Dress for Mature Women

handkerchief hem swim dress for mature ladies

High Neck Wrap Swim Dress with Tropical Print

high neck swim dress for mature women tropical floral pattern

Retro Style Polka Dot Swim Dress with Halter Style Top

retro red polka dot swimsuit halter swim dress for 50 year old women

Fashionable Color Blocking Model for Mature Ladies

what are the best swim dresses for women over 50


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