What Swimsuits Make Your Breasts Look Bigger – These 10 Models Are Perfect for Small Busts!

by Kremy

There are many women who are not pleased with the small size of their breasts.  They consider it as a disadvantage, which does not allow them to feel attractive and sexy. Are you worried about the small size of your breasts and feel awkward at the beach? With proper clothing we can visually correct the figure. But what about swimsuits? What swimsuits make your breasts look bigger? How to choose the best model which will emphasize your boobs and make them look sexier? We shall tell you how to choose the best swimsuit for small breasts and easily turn them into an advantage!

What Swimsuits Make Your Breasts Look Bigger?

what swimsuits make your breasts look bigger 10 flattering models for small boobs

You do not believe that swimsuits will make your breasts visually bigger? We shall prove you wrong! Small breasts can look very attractive and seductive, if you follow our recommendations. Just think, there are flattering swimsuits for women with big breasts, who have the opposite problem, so there must be a way to correct your “disadvantage” and attract admiring glances at the beach. Let’s find out how to do that!

what swimsuits make your breasts visually bigger


When choosing a swimsuit for small breasts, it is important to pay attention to the details. Yes, we all know – the Devil is in the details! What do we mean when we say “details”? It’s all these decorations, embroidery, prints, most striking, spectacular and voluminous elements on the bodice that make your breasts visually bigger. These rules usually apply to swimsuits for pear shaped body, but are totally valid for girls with other body shapes who want to make their breasts look bigger.

Choose the Right Color

what bikini tops make your breasts look bigger choose the right color

Clever girls know how to use colors! What is the secret? Make sure that you choose a combination that focuses the eye on the bodice. Choose bright, colorful patterns that will set the right accents in your beach look. They will visually expand the chest part of your body. Choose swimsuits with a light-colored top or light-colored trim along the top. If the bottom part is dark, the effect will be more noticeable. Color block swimsuits tops are another great option. A catchy, bright palette for the top and monochrome dark bottom – this is the perfect beach suit for you.

What Prints Will Make Your Breasts Visually Bigger?

what prints will make your breasts visually bigger

Swimsuit bikini tops with wide horizontal stripes is super flattering because they create the illusion bigger breasts. Floral motifs are also suitable. Polka dots always attract attention and if they are placed in the area of the chest, the bust looks more voluminous. Keep in mind that if you choose polka dots, they should be large-sized. Tiny dots have the opposite effect.

Choose Swimsuit Tops with Decorations

choose swimsuit tops with decorations

Ruffles on your bikini top can do wonders! Flounces, fringes, fabric inserts will add volume to the decollete area and this is exactly want we want! If you combine the decoration with bright prints, you immediately double the visual effect!

Swimsuits with Push-Up Tops

swimsuits with push up tops make your breasts look bigger

Push-up tops instantly increase your breasts! One of the main advantages of push-ups is that they slightly lift the breasts and the bust seems to be one or two sizes larger.

Padded Bikini Tops

padded bikini tops make your breasts visually bigger

Padded bikini tops highlight the breasts beautifully. They not only raise the bust, but also visually increase it substantially.

What Swimsuits Make Your Breasts Look Bigger – Bandeau Tops

what swimsuits make your breasts look bigger bandeau tops

Now, bandeau bikini top is somewhat controversial. However, we believe, that if you choose the right model, you can easily make your breasts look bigger. Choose a bandeau with firm cups that shape the bust line, gives it more volume and emphasizes the shoulders, not just a wide band. Light colors are recommended. Remember that decorative elements visually increase the bust. Bandeau tops with horizontal stripes, fringes, ruffles will do the trick!

Swimsuits with Triangle-Shaped Tops

swimsuits with triangle shaped tops make the boobs look bigger

Classic swimsuits with triangle-shaped tops can make small breasts look bigger. The triangle-shaped top shows more of the breasts which makes them look larger. Many models have additional elements like mini ruffles or other decorations.

High Neck Bikini Tops

high neck bikini tops flattering swimsuits for women with small breasts

The advantage of high neck bikini tops is that they make the breast area more expressive and emphasizes the other areas – your shoulders become more attractive.

Halter Style Tops

halter style tops flattering swimsuits for women with small breasts

Halter style tops have straps that wrap around the neck. This type of top perfectly emphasizes the chest and makes shoulders wider. Halter style swimsuits come in a huge variety and you can find the perfect swimsuit that makes your breasts look bigger.

What Swimsuits Make Your Breasts Look Bigger – One Piece Models to Consider

what swimsuits make your bust look bigger one piece models to consider

One piece or two piece swimsuit to choose? The answer to this question is difficult because it all depends on your figure. Most girls prefer bikini models as they look really sexy and advantageous. However, if you prefer a one piece model to hide your belly, for example, just remember that the recommendations for the top part. Choose a model that visually increases the breasts – with push-up cups, decorations at the chest area, light color. Hopefully, we answered the question what swimsuits make your breasts look bigger and you will be ready to look irresistible this summer!



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