Swimsuits for Wide Hips: 20 + Flattering Models to Look Divine This Summer!

by Kremy

How to choose swimsuits for wide hips? To many women this is a very important question. And we do not mean curvy women only. You could be slender and still have wide hips. Now, we all want to look our best, relax by the pool or at the beach in a swimsuit that flatters our figure. What are the challenges to ladies with wide thighs and how to divert the attention from the hips? Find out the answers and choose a model that will make you look divine this summer!

What Is the Best Swimsuit for Larger Hips and Thighs – How to Balance the Pear Body Shape Cleverly?

swimsuits for wide hips 20 + flattering models to look divine this summer

As you know, when you choose a swimsuit for your body shape, the main goal is to create a visual balance. Women with wide hips have a pear body shape, also known as triangle. This means that the hips are wider than the bust, the waist is well-defined, the arms are slim and the thighs are relatively larger. Now, how to choose a swimsuit for wide hips? When shopping for a bathing suit, your main goal is to balance the thighs area. How can we do that? The answer is very easy – draw the attention to the bust area. There are many models that can help you do that and we shall have a detailed look at colors, prints, tops and bottoms suitable for women with wide hips.

What are the flattering colors and patterns for women with wide hips?

what are the flattering colors and patterns for women with wide hips


There are many factors that a woman should keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit for wide hips. With the right colors and patterns we can visually elongate our figure.

Vertical Stripes Are the Perfect Pattern for Large Thighs

vertical stripes are the perfect swimsuit pattern for large thighs

When you want to make your body visually taller, vertical stripes are your best ally. Whether one piece or two piece swimsuit, this pattern leads the eye upwards towards the chest, which is our main goal. Horizontal stripes should be avoided, especially at the bottom area.

Choose Abstract Prints

choose prints at the chest area

Abstract and ethnic prints at the chest area combined with solid dark color for the bottom are another good option.

Color Block Fashion Trend – Darker Bottom, Light Top

color block fashion trend swimsuits for women with wide hips

Color blocking is a huge fashion trend which women with wide hips can use to their advantage! A one piece or two piece swimsuits with darker bottom and lighter top will focus the eye on the chest area. Even if you do not wear a color block style swimsuit, you can keep to the rile and combine dark bottom with light or printed top.

Trendy Swimsuits for Wide Hips That Immediately Make You Look Divine

trendy swimsuits for wide hips that immediately make you look divine

How can you change the visual lines of the body? There are some tricks that really work and we shall reveal them to you!

Add a Horizontal Line at the Chest Area with Off the Shoulder Swimsuit

off the shoulder swimsuit with ruffles flattering swimsuits for women with big hips

This sounds somewhat abstract but actually is very easy to do. How? Simply choose a top with horizontal ruffles. It could be one piece or two piece off the shoulder swimsuits, but the added ruffle grabs the attention immediately.

What Swimsuits Bottoms Are Best For Big Thighs?

what swimsuits bottoms are best for women with big thighs

So far we discussed the tops, but let’s talk about bikini bottoms for women with wide hips. You could be curvy or slim and the choice will depend on the way you feel about your body. The fans of Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be bothered with sexy bikini bottoms that accent on their curves.

high waisted high cut swimsuit bottoms are flattering for women with big thighs

If you prefer a bottom with more coverage opt for high waist or high cut. These bottoms make your legs longer.

Flattering Swim Skirts for Women with Wide Hips

flattering swim skirts for women with wide hips

Swim skirts are suitable not only for curvy women but for women with big thighs as well. They provide good cover of the buttock and at the same time look elegant and feminine.

Trendy One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuits for Big Thighs

one shoulder one piece swimsuits are perfect for big thighs

One shoulder swimsuits are one of the best swimsuits for wide hips. The asymmetrical lines at the shoulders add visual interest and focus the eye at the chest area.

V Neck One Piece Swimsuits Are Visually Flattering for Pear Shaped Body

v neck one piece swimsuits are visually flattering for pear shaped body

V neckline is classic, very feminine and looks good on any body shape but for women with pear shaped bodies such models are a must. With one piece or two piece bathing suit, with added ruffle or other decoration, with a plunging neckline you will look sexy and elegant at the same time.

Stylish Swim Dresses Hide Wide Hips

stylish swim dresses hide wide hips

Last but not least – the swim dress! This is a great choice of swimsuit for women who want to hide their tummy as well as it covers the belly, the hips and thighs. The choice is really big and you will surely find something that suits your taste!




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