Julia Roberts New Haircut: How To Get “THE Pretty Woman” Effect In 2023?

by Gabby

“Pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman, the kind I like to meet”… Yes, you guessed it by the little part of the song, we are going to be talking about THE pretty woman – Julia Roberts! We are not going to discuss the movie, the focus is going to be on her hairstyle and how she continues to be an icon for many! It is inspiring to see women change so much just by adapting a new haircut, which makes them look much younger and rejuvenated! What is Julia Roberts new haircut? Who can wear it in 2023 ? Let’s check it out!

Julia Roberts new haircut: Who can wear “THE pretty woman” hairstyle in 2023?

julia roberts new haircut 2023 bangs for women over 50 ideas

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We all know that Julia Roberts continue to surprise her fans and she tried almost everything when it comes to hairstyles. We’ve seen her as a redhead, blonde, with short hair, long hair, etc… The American actress went to a special presentation of the company Chopard, for which she serves as the inspiration, on Monday in Geneva, the center of the watch industry. Now she is back at it again with the red locks. We can definitely say that this is her color and it looks amazing on her. She said “goodbye” to the middle-parted hair and took the plunge with a brand new fringe.

julia roberts new haircut fringe for women over 50 red colors hair


Those kinds of bangs are perfect for women over 50, since it can easily hide away the wrinkles on the forehead. For ladies with a larger forehead, that kind of haircut can be your best friend. It can highlight your facial features in the best way possible, by drawing the attention to your beautiful eyes. Julia Roberts new wavy hairstyle comes with layers that really frames the face and makes it smaller, which is perfect for girlies with round or square face shape. It will give you the softest look! Now, let’s talk about how to adapt this haircut in 2023 and who can wear it!

Red hair with fringe for women over 50

red hair color for women over 50 with bangs hairstyle trends 2023

Even if you have medium-length hair, you can still adapt the new trendy Julia Roberts haircut. For women over 50, this hair color is the perfect way to add brightness to the face and to rejuvenate it. As I mentioned, bangs can hide away forehead wrinkles and to draw attention to your eyes. This haircut will definitely make them pop and stand out!

Auburn hair color: Natural curly hairstyle with fringe

natural curly red hair with bangs julia roberts new haircut 2023 ideas hairstyle trends

For the girlies with natural curly hair, I want you to know that we all envy you for the volume you have! Don’t think for a second that you cannot look like Julia Roberts with your curly locks. You can still adapt this kind of face-framing fringe and get layers that will shape your face. This auburn hair color can be achieved if you mix some red shades and add light ginger highlights. I advise you to show this gorgeous photo to your hairdresser and they will know what to do! This particular hair hue will take over the fashion world really soon!

Julia Roberts new haircut for straight hair

straight hair with curtain bangs red hairstyles julia roberts inspiration 2023

Do you happen to have straight hair and don’t know what to do with it? Let’s face it, adapting the new Julia Roberts haircut can really save you a lot of time, since you won’t have to style your hair much. Embrace your straight locks and wear them with pride. You will have an advantage if you decide to cut bangs, since bangs don’t look good when they’re wavy. In your case, you can just wake up, brush your hair and go. It will save you a lot of time and you will look amazing! That “pretty woman” effect is waiting for you! For more inspiration, check out the French bangs that will be a huge hit in 2023!

Red hair with side part curtain bangs for women over 50

hairstyles for women over 50 red hair with side part curtain bangs

You don’t like the idea of some bangs covering your entire forehead? Don’t worry, you can try this haircut that has the same vibe, however the curtain bangs are side parted and face-revealing. You will still have to ask for layers and if you have straight hair, you are going to need to spend time for styling. For the women over 50, try heatless curling instead of using curlying iron, which can really damage your hair and make it appear thinner.

Auburn hair with lighter highlights and scandi waves

red hair with auburn highlights scandi waves hairstyles 2023

Girlies with red hair, who don’t want bangs and are not ready for this, I got something super trendy for you to try! Give your hairstyle a new life with some light blonder or ginger highlights and try styling your hair by doing scandi waves. If you don’t know what I am talking about, learn how to recreate the effortless beach hairstyle now!

Long red hair with curtain bangs and layers

long red hair with curtain bangs and layers hairstyle trends 2023

Do you want natural volume and beautifully highlighted facial features? Give your red hair a transformation that it needs! Run to the hair salon and ask for layers and side-parted curtain bangs, which will be perfect for straight hair! The layers will create the illusion of a thicker hair. What layers to ask for? Check out 17 hairstyles with concave layers that will inspire you!

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