French Bangs: Get Inspired by the Latest Hair Trend for 2023 and Find Useful Styling Methods!

by Anjelina

Undoubtedly, French girls have always been the center of attention and have dictated fashion trends. Apart from their incredibly elegant and comfortable style of dressing, we also notice that they always have great looking and well-groomed hair. They are the reason for the occurrence of the new fashion trend in hairstyles, which we will talk about in this article, namely French bangs. Find out exactly what they are and how they differ from other types of bangs, as well as why they are so popular in 2023!

What exactly are French bangs?

french girl bangs straight dark hair

French bangs are thick and long bangs, the shortest parts of which are usually just below the eyebrows and the longest part reaches the cheekbones. Actually, French girl bangs (as they are also called) can undergo some modifications and come in many variations so that they look good and blend well with all kinds of hairstyles and haircuts. You’ll see both center-parted bangs, thick or angled ones with longer sides. French bangs create the feeling of volume while being lightweight thanks to their sloppy structure.

Who are French bangs for?

gorgeous french girl bangs low maintenance


As already mentioned, anyone can try French bangs as they can change depending on hair type, hairstyle and texture. If you have decided to give them a chance and enjoy an amazing, stylish and modern look with a French twist, then keep some important things in mind!

trendy french fringe with chin length bob haircut

French bangs look best on straight hair. This is a fact, although there are many examples of great hairstyles on wavy and curly hair as well. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, you’ll just most likely need to style your bangs daily.

Thick and lush hair is always preferable, and we’d be lying if we told you that French bangs don’t look stunning on exactly that type of hair. In this case, the hairstyle will look even more luxurious. Of course, ladies with thinner hair shouldn’t despair as there are plenty of options to achieve volume nowadays, right?

long angled bangs middle parting longer ends long blond hair

Another positive feature of this type of bangs is that it has a rejuvenating effect, actually, like most bangs. You will definitely enjoy many compliments that you look at least a few years younger!

Styling methods and techniques

french girl bangs middle parted angled

French fringe is styled like all other types of bangs, so you shouldn’t worry if you already have some experience. In general, they are characterized by their elegant casualness and simplicity, which can be achieved in many ways.

For example, you can use a straightener and with a few movements to shape them so that they fit your face wonderfully.

french bangs idea for medium length hair

Another idea is to use a texturizing or volumizing mousse. Simply apply a small amount to your bangs and lightly scrunch them with your hands. Then let them dry, and finally you can fix it all with a hairspray if you wish. This way you will reach an effortlessly cute and natural look. Add some of the mousse to the rest of your hair to achieve an overall stunning result!

long blonde wavy hair with a fringe

Of course, if you prefer, you can also use a blow dryer and brush to style your French bangs if that’s your thing. However, use a protective product before styling your hair, too.

French girl bangs – Photo Gallery

french fringe idea for blondes

French bangs and a gorgeous low ponytail

french bangs long dark hair low ponytail

Cute, natural-looking hair and fringe

cute and chic hairstyle casual look fringe reaching the eyebrows

Long layered hair and French fringe

straight long layered hair with blunt bangs

Long French bangs that perfectly blend with the rest of the hair

french bangs hair trends 2023 for straight hair

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